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  1. For me, Golf is really everything you listed. I enjoy getting outside, away from work, stress, etc. I also enjoy playing with friends, meeting new people and even just playing a round by myself. Finally I like how you can compete against yourself in a measureable way, golf really is a great, unique game and I love it!

  2. I would say slow play is frustrating, but the problem may be 4 or 5 groups ahead of you that are slowing play, or it may just be a busy day on the course. I have come to the conclusion that on a beautiful Satuday, chances are I am going to be having to wait on a few holes, and if I don't start early enough I may not make it through 18 before it gets too dark. But, I will say that I was incredibly upset a few months ago when a group of three jumped ahead three holes in-front of our foursome because they were sick of waiting on the group that was in-front of them. We then had to wait on them the remainder of the day. We informed a marshal and they only got a "warning".

    Honestly I would have to say my biggest pet peeve are arrogant golfers. Some people play golf because they enjoy getting outside and chasing a little white ball around a golf course, they may not be able to crush the ball 300+ yards down the fairway, they may struggle keeping it on the fairway or even breaking 100, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to play. We all had to start somewhere and I can't imagine anyone (with the exception of Mr. Woods) started out as an incredible golfer.

    Just my $.02.

  3. I went to the local golf retailer to buy my first set of clubs today (been playing for a year with my brother's clubs - yes he's pissed with me for keeping them so long), and being completely clueless about what to get I picked a Scotty Cameron just based on feel in the store. The attendant came over after I'd picked it out and filled me in on my selection, and told me the price!, but I still got it - felt good. I did ask him to get a cheaper putter with similar features/shape but I could tell the difference - I felt like I was having to compensate with the cheaper putter whereas the SC was, I don't know, like it was 'helping' in some way.

    Congrats on the new purchase, you will not be disappointed. When I bought my first Scotty I tried out quite a few different brands (Ping, Odyssey, Taylor Made, etc.) and I found that the Scotty felt much better and I haven't regretted my purchase once.

  4. His off the rack putters bear no similarities to the ones hand made for tour pros. Take a look around Cameron Collector and you'll see some pretty big differences between circle T's and retail models.

    Actually there isn't a huge difference between the OTR and the Made for tour models except that the Made for Tour models are custom fit, they tend to be "hand-stamped", and there is much tighter quality-control. Many threads on the Cameron Collector (which I am a member of) will verify this. I have found that what will add value to a SC putter is the stampings (Circle-T, rare hand stamps, etc.)

    The answer lies in the all might dollar - Titleist pays for each Cameron putter a tour pro puts into play. Throw in an all expenses paid trip to San Diego to visit Scotty and the studio and a putter hand made to your specs and desires and you can begin to see why he dominates tour counts.

    I agree with this, to a point, but I imagine the other club manufacturers would offer a similar service to other pros as well. Also, why would so many players use a club that doesn't perform up to their standards, especially one as important as a putter (IMHO the most important club in your bag)?

    Just my $.02

  5. It's all marketing!

    I agree that marketing has a lot to do with the success of Cameron products, but that doesn't quite explain why so many tour professionals use his products. There is obviously something more than just a name on these clubs.

    Now I am not a diehard Scotty Cameron fanboy, I definately won't pay hundreds of dollars for a head-cover and I don't plan on buying a Tour putter for many thousands of dollars, but I love the OTR putters. I would like to get a Ping Anser Redwood to add to my collection as well as a Taylor Made Imola Classic, Odyssey Black Series Blade and a Bettinardi Blade.

  6. Since I have kids, for me it is about athletes as role-models. So many kids look up to these athletes and the thought process might be that if they want to be a star athlete all they need are PED's.

    Also, is it fair for one athlete who is "drugged-up" to break the record of someone who did it naturally?

  7. I just recently started collecting Scotty Cameron putters and I have tried to learn as much as I can about them. Here are a few of my humble observations as to why they are so popular:

    1. SC putters are made to the highest quality standards;
    2. Many tour players use SC putters;
    3. They look and perform incredibly;
    4. Finally...marketing, marketing, marketing. Scotty Cameron can put his name on just about anything and it will sell for a lot of money.

  8. I have read that if you play 18-holes once a week you should change your grips every year. Using that as a guide, every 50+ rounds you should consider replacing your grips.

    I received a set of the Golf Pride DD2 grips for Christmas to replace my old Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips on my irons. I put them on the other day and love the way they feel. As far as whether or not they improved my score I won't know until we get a nice day in Colorado and I can get out and play.

  9. For the longest time I struggled, like you with getting the ball on the green from within 50 yards. I would either hit it fat and leave the ball 10 yards off, or hit a line-drive well past the green. Depending on the lie, distance, etc. your pw might not be the best choice to hit with. I used to play with the mentality that the closer I got to the green, the higher lofted clubs were necessary until I got on the green. Within 30 yards, I now use a 5 - 7 iron, choked down, with a putter grip and a little bump-n-run, which is a much safer shot.

  10. First, I honestly don't see how anyone could enjoy that round of golf considering their wife was bringing another child into the world.

    Here is how I see this playing out for everyone here...

    What you say:

    "Honey, I know that your water just broke, and that the contractions are just a few minutes apart, but I just got this call, and I have a opportunity to play golf at an incredible golf course, this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Could you go ahead and drive yourself to the hospital and I will meet you there after the round."

    What she hears:

    "Listen, I don't care that your water just broke, and that the contractions are just a few minutes apart, I just got a call, and I am not going to be there for the birth of our child, golf is more important to me than being there for you when our child comes into the world. Drive yourself to the hospital and I will meet you at the hospital after the round."

    What she says:

    "Honey, that's great, I am so happy for you, go and have a great time! See you at the hospital after the round!"

    What she means:

    "What, are you kidding me! Are you really that stupid! Do you honestly think that you not being there is okay with me! If you go, you better enjoy that round of golf, because it will be your LAST round of golf.

    For me the choice is simple, BABY.

    BTW, my wife and I are expecting our second daughter any day now, so this thread hits close to home.

  11. I ran an online forum for about a year and I can honestly say that is something I will never do again. A lot of time is spent dealing with spam issues, moderating and general administration.

    Personally, I believe there is a fine line between censorship and allowing forum members to have absolute freedom to post whatever they want. There were a few instances where I removed a post, or an entire thread due to the negative nature of comments. I did not take the decision to do this lightly, and I did have some incredibly lengthly emails sent to me regarding my decision. A few members disagreed with my decision, and they are entitled to their opinions, but ultimately the decision is up to the administrator.

    Regarding editing posts, that is also up to the admin, but I feel a better policy is all or nothing. If an admin feels that a post is too negative, my opinion is that is should be removed completely, not edited, and an email sent to the poster regarding the decision to remove the post.

    Just my .02.

    BTW, I love this site/forum, and I plan on continuing on as an active member.

  12. I was needing to get new wedges and I was hesitant to spend a ton of money. I found GigaGolf, and for the price of one Cleveland wedge I now have 3 of their SGS Black wedges customized with the same grip that I use on the rest of my clubs (Golf-Pride Velvet) and upgraded the shaft to the True Temper TT Lite XL. I compared them to my father-in-laws Cleveland CG12 Black Pearl Wedges, and they are very similar. Unfortunately since he is a lefty and I am a righty I wasn't able to compare how they both hit, but the quality construction was definately there with the GigaGolf clubs.

    I plan on purchasing a hybrid and possibly a 3-wood from them in the near future.
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