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  1. Yes; after calling the chamber of commerce in their area, and the BBB, no one seemed to know the company at all at the local level. Someone finally called me back after a day or so and said they were having internet and phone issues. No issues collecting money though. In any event, the clubs were shipped to me. I hit a bucket of balls with the 56 and 60, wrapped them back up and sent them back. I did not like the feel or swingweight at all; they felt very clumsy, and the shaft with all the graphics was not appealing visually, and somewhat distracting. I did not see any chance of improvement over what I have been playing for the past several years, and at 175.00 per club, they had to feel really good to go into my bag. The company did issue me a refund and apology for poor customer service on the front end. So essentially, I lost out on the shipping back to Renegar and that was it monetarily. I had previously owned a set of the first incarnation (I believe Solus?) and I thought those were pretty good wedges years ago, but unfortunately, I did not think these were as good or better than those. In the end, I would not recommend shelling out the money for these wedges. It may work for some, but the cost is very high and I think practicing with your existing wedges, and making sure your bounce fits your game, is a much sounder solution.
  2. Tried calling this company, but no one ever answers; called the local chamber of commerce in Brentwood TN, supposed home of Renegar golf, and they had never heard of them. Called the BBB, and still no one has heard of them. Anyone know definitively if they are out of business? Placed an order with them, and was charged, but no acknowledgement, receipt, or follow up. Hopefully, my CC company will recover my funds if they are dead.