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  1. Gentlemen, I've been asked to stop posting lest it seem like I am plugging Swingbyte too much without being a paying advertiser. That was not my intention -- I saw the questions on here and thought it a good forum to answer them to a number of people at once. So for the time being I'll scoot over to other topics.... I'm enjoying the site and the boards. Regards, Nick
  2. Regarding Tempo: We are in the process of aggregating Tour data for a range of top players and various clubs. Once we do we will have the data posted on our website for Swingbyte users. Previously, most of the tempo numbers for tour players that I have seen have been generated from analyzing video frame by frame. Given that a typical swing lasts about a second and broadcast video is at 30 frames per second, the actual ratios generated are an estimate. With a club head traveling in excess of 100 MPH the top of swing and impact often happens between frames. The Swingbyte
  3. The Android App has been updated to fix the issues you mention.
  4. So here is a short informal video showing the Swingbyte vs. the "leading launch monitor". We set this up and shot only once. You'll see that Swingbyte is very consistent even at a high swing speed with a driver -- and is internally consistent. http://blog.swingbyte.com/post/22722066946/how-does-swingbyte-compare-to More polished video showing all of the features coming very soon.... but we were getting this question daily so a little quick iPhone video seemed in order.
  5. ER, Thanks. A few of the issues in terms of saving were a server reboot. We've shipped a few devices and the majority of orders will ship next week. So we have cleaned up a few issues and I'm afraid that's why some of your data was lost. Won't happen again. Portrait mode and most of the changes you requested have already been submitted to the App store as an update. Those go more quickly than initial approval -- and we knew of a bunch of changes and improvements that needed to be made but had to work withing the Apple process. Now that that is done, you will see: port
  6. If by knackered you mean broken... I don't see that happening here. This is solid state electronics and thermal molded plastic... with rubber around the shaft of the club for added grip and a very tight band to secure it to the shaft. The bands do break over time -- 3 are included with the swingbyte and should last a very long time. But the unit itself -- we've thrown it against walls and dropped it from heights and stress tested it more professionally than that... and it holds up very well. Unless you're throwing your clubs against the clubhouse you should be fine.
  7. It does show you angle of attack, position at impact, club path (out - in), lie angle, shaft lean, club loft. If the admin sends me an email we'll send him a unit for testing...
  8. Hi.... I'm an investor in Swingbyte and have been using it for the past 6 weeks or so. I can answer a few of the questions on here -- though please understand that I am not one of the developers and these are only my impressions. Happy to answer any more you may have as well. I have been golfing since I was 9 years old (now 44) and have tried my share of teaching aids, swing trainers, and have been utilizing Trackman, Flightscope and similar for a few years. I'm a 4.8 index. When the developers came to me, introduced through a mutual friend who is a PGA teaching pro, I was s
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