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  1. To be fair, when I was testing my club speed, my hands were extremely sore and was swinging slower than usual. But I think you're right on the money
  2. I played Friday and Saturday with my 670's and Sunday my hands were destroyed. I took 2 200mg tylenol before I played Sunday and I used my old clubs, Monday morning I had minimal/ close to no pain in my hands, same grips. I'm pretty convinced, shafts were to blame in this occasion. Before I played Sunday, I went to Golfsmith, did a test on my clubhead speed. With a driver I'm hitting between 93-97Mph. I think thats a bit too low for those project X's. I'm going to sell them if anyone is interested. Likely on Craigslist, but I would prefer to give this community dibs. Titleist
  3. Absolutely man, really appreciate it! Glad to be part of this community
  4. I have winn grips on them, w5's, didn't make a difference. I put them on there hoping it would fix the problem. I played 18 holes each day, the last two days. Today I feel like I couldn't even hit through the ball
  5. On occasion I pull them, possible closed face, though almost always have a slight draw on them. I love the irons, don't get me wrong, but from what I've read, those shafts are ridiculously stiff. My old irons, Titleist 962's, my hands have never been sore. But since I got these, my hands have been just killing me after a round of golf. My hand's are also average size, I've never had a problem with standard grips.
  6. So, I recently purchased a set of Titleist 670's off craigslist with Project X Rifle 6.5's, 1/2inch long. They are great clubs, but I've been noticing that my hands are extremely sore after playing a round with them. I'm 6' 270lbs, and I have a relatively quick clubhead speed, 7 iron about 170, Driver 280-300 on average and I'm about a scratch golfer. My Question being, are these shafts a bit much for me? My hands are killing me and I'm not sure if its the clubs. Any suggestions / advice? Thanks!
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