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  1. I reckon I just prefer people who stay positive rather than go negative. And like the thing Azinger said about Westwood...it's pretty presumptuous to put words in people's mouths or thoughts in people's heads. Not that there isn't a place for "negative" types of commentary. If someone is struggling with their putting, then they are, and we all see it. And then often a guy will explain how he addressed his own putting struggles, and it turns back into something constructive.
  2. Well it's voodoo, and has to do with aligning your chi/chakras with the magnetic poles of the earth. Works best with Mercury in retrograde. I have used my putter successfully to find potable water and natural gas. True story.
  3. Maybe I get into "mom" mode when people talk smack on the boys I like. I just don't see the point. I tweeted back to the guy, "How come some dude I have never heard of is talking smack on the No. 2 pro?" Also, Brandel Chamblee can sod off, and Azinger has been a little douchey this week too, saying stuff about Rory and Rickie and even Kuch. And then even said that Lee Westwood wasn't happy when Sergio won the Masters because now that makes him the best pro not to win a major. I mean, what? These guys are all trying to be "edgy," and I don't need it. You're a commentator. Teach me something, gi
  4. I love you. OK, here we go. Football: Any Given Sunday. "The inches we need are all around us." Baseball: Bull Durham. "When you make it to the show you can let the fungus grow back on your shower shoes and the press'll think you're colorful. Until then, it means you're a slob." Basketball: Hoosiers, of course. Hockey: Umm....I got nothing. Soccer: Again, I got nothing. Auto Racing: Talladega Nights, because I like to party. Bowling: The Big Lebowski. "This aggression will not stand, man." Surfing: Point Break. Golf: Tin Cup. Boxing: Mill
  5. Moxie Dawn

    dress code

    My philosophy is the better you look on the course, the better you play. And even though that is absolutely not true at all, at least if you suck you look good doing it. Having said that, I think it is unfair that women seem to be allowed a tremendous amount of leeway in attire, while men have a lot of restrictions, particularly the collared shirt rule. I happen to have a friend with Asperger's Syndrome, and a collared shirt drives him crazy. His job actually gives him an accommodation to not wear a shirt with a collar. And there are plenty of shirt designs with no collar that are perfec
  6. Yeah, I need to try again. Just a couple weeks ago I hit a drive on the course that went 200 yards!
  7. This entire thread is a winner so far.
  8. Here is a male practicioner doing the same series over and over. If you observe, you can see how all the major muscle groups get a very fluid stretch. You don't have to do it at this pace. The longer you hold each position, the more stretch you get. He's doing it at actually quite a fast pace, which is more cardio. But these are great and gentle moves. slow it down.
  9. Lol, no worries. It's just really neat when you find some small thing that can make a connection. In this case it was golf, and I was just lucky that I had the tool, straight out of the mailbox, to make that connection. What's funny is that I hadn't told my Big Boss that I have a trip to Florida next month. Sprung it on him with the customer. Somehow, I think he won't mind. I got a big hug and a "you're doing good, girl!" from the Man. Side note: I really love my job. This may be the first time in my life I have felt this way. I was obsessed with the whole tiny house "movement" f
  10. First, I'm a nationally certified massage therapist. Do I follow my own advice? No. Today I'm dealing with a bad knee, and as a result of favoring said knee, I now have a hitch in my back. This is from moving a refrigerator and doing some plumbing. But I do have a recommendation. Salutation to the sun. It's a yoga series of postures that is basically a whole body stretch. Very gentle, but really stretches the whole body. Understand, I'm not an idiot. I see yoga as a healthy stretch and strength thing, not a cure for cancer. I would recommend doing this series a few times.
  11. I would have booted your rep for this, but apparently I'm banned from doing that and posting in some threads.
  12. I'm gonna tell you, I used to work in newspapers, and once I did an article on a local boy who made the practice squad at Alabama. Practice? We talkin' 'bout practice. And when I talked to one of the assitant athletic directors, he was most concerned about whether or not I had bought him a Big Mac meal while we talked at his very short lunchtime.
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