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  1. Which putter do you use?

    I'm using a Yes! Callie
  2. What's in golfebj's Bag

    The best hybrid and shaft combination I've ever played. No ballooning ball flight that I tend to get with others (i.e. TM Rescue Mid 19°). It's easy to hit and when I can scrounge up the cash I'm getting the 23° as well and retiring my 4 iron. At least demo it. I build my own clubs and it was a great deal for me to buy a used one and there's a true temper/golf pride distributor less that 20 minutes from my house so...
  3. Ashton MS-5 HW9.5° - True Temper TX-90 ® tipped 1/2" - 43.5" Taylormade V - Steel - True Temper Dynamic Gold Lite (S) - 42.5" Nickent 3DX 20° - True Temper Crossfire (S) - 40" Dynacraft PC3's 4-GW (22° - 51°) - Harrison Premiere Gold (S) - Std Lgth SMT Durometer 53°(Bent to 55°) & 59° - FST Pro White Stepless (S) - 35.5" Wishon Smooth 7 + 42g (3 *14g weight disks) - Double bend Shaft - 35" All have Golf Pride Tour Wrap Grips (.600) Putter has a Gripmaster Genuine Leather Grip (Mohagoney)
  4. One Company's Clubs

    I'd have to say Taylormade in the following setup R7 TP 9.5° V-Steel 15° Rescue TP 19° RAC Hybrid Iron (Japan Issue) 22° 5-PW LT (original) RAC Y-Cutter 51°, 56°, 60° Mezza Monza
  5. Nice to meet everybody! Yes I love golf! I've been playing for about 6 years now and I'm an amatuer clubmaker as well. Almost everything in my bag has been shafted or reshafted by me except for my v-steel. The stock DG Lite is perfect for me! I live in NC, Creedmoor to be exact which is about 20 minutes from Durham or Raleigh. Country living with the Triangle less than 30 minutes away! Love it! I'm a contractor (information management analyst) and I'm working on my master of science in Accounting. Two classes and then my thesis. Married 5 years (Feb 12, 2000) and we have a little boy, Isaiah, and he's 19 months old. Here's my shadow @ Atlantic Beach 4th of July weekend.