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  1. I'll add to the DZ question from natureboy, is the DZ obligatory or simply another option?
  2. Ok, I see now what you and he are/were talking about. It was a slight dogleg left, so going away from hole from POE would indeed put me into the ladies tee box area. I was missing that. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi Dave that would put me further into the hazard (swamp). my opponent was clearly indicating i could come back to a raised area (near the ladies' tee). I think we're crossing wires. I'm talking about the classic regular (yellow) hazard rule that lets you come back from POE away from hole being applied to a red (lateral) hazard.
  4. Hit a tee shot left down into a red lateral hazard. Went to drop in that area and an opponent told me the rules for a hazard had been changed and that I could come back from my point of entry as far as I wanted (as if it were a yellow hazard). News to me! Is this true?
  5. Ecco Have many others and I always grab the Eccos.
  6. Has anyone tried either of these, or both? Especially interested in anyone in Western Europe (not a dig at the US, but my experience with Bushnell, Garmin, etc. is that some are great in the US but course accuracy is questionable in Europe, Australia, etc.). Thx
  7. News reports that Trump Turnberry has lost The Open due to his controversial remarks. i am thrilled that this shit stirring, racist, sexist, bottom feeder is getting a kick right where it will hurt the most.
  8. Drop the ad hominem bs. BS is an English term meaning... I'm sure you've heard it before.
  9. McKellan 18? do you mean Macallan 18? In which case, excellent choice.
  10. I'm looking for a decent golf game to help me develop my course management skills. I have tried a few but they seem to be more about pure entertainment and selling you new clubs, just like the real thing. The best I've found so far is WGT which works well on an iPad. Does anyone else have any recommendations?
  11. That sounds interesting. What's that?
  12. So sand and dirt are not loose impediments off the green? Doesn't seem at all intuitive to me, but then no reason the rules should be! Thx.
  13. 'May or must'. So it looks like a DZ could be obligatory if the committee decides, apart from retaking the shot from the original spot?
  14. I thought I made that clear, I'll try again: There is a drop zone.