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  1. Thanks a lot for all of the advice everyone, I am going to take all of your suggestions into account and start practicing both mentally and physically to get my swing more inside-out. I actually do record my swing often but unfortunately I don't know what to look for most of the time, but now I definitely do. Looking back, it seems as though my swing is definitely over the top especially with my longer clubs so I feel like that is definitely my problem. If anyone would like to look, I have posted swings to the members swing section. They aren't the best quality videos, but I'm go
  2. Yeah unfortunately this is what I've resorted to recently. Like I said, I'll have a few good shots and then get cocky and on the next tee I pull out the driver and sort of think, "well what could really go wrong?" and then a whole lot goes wrong and my score goes in the gutter. I've been teeing off with my hybrids which I don't hit very far but have a far less chance of slicing or doing something that'll force me to drop or end up in a terrible lie. I just feel like I'm cheating myself by skipping my driver completely, so I'd really like to get my problem hammered out as soon as
  3. I'll definitely take a look around on this site. I was just reading some inside-out swinging articles and it seems like that may help me as well, so at least I have a start! Thank you both for the advice
  4. Thank you for the reply, is an inside out swing something I should strive for across all my clubs, or just the driver? Ill look up some articles and videos online and try it out to see if it helps!
  5. Hey everyone, I've been working on my swing for a while now and Im finally starting to make some good contact with my irons. I have some trouble with my five iron and 3-4 hybrids hitting cleanly, but they generally go straight or don't hook/slice too badly. However, my driver is a different story. 9 times out of 10 when I hit my driver the ball viciously slices at almost a horizontal angle (comes off the tee straight, then does like a 90 degree turn right). This causes mayhem when I go to the course because I have "this one will be the good shot" syndrome and end up putting balls in the fore
  6. Ahh sorry about that, first time uploading to YouTube. It should be all set now.
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: About 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: ~120 My typical ball flight is: To the right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Very bad slice that can happen with all of my clubs (but mostly my driver), Topped or "skulled" balls. I apologize for the quality and lighting of the videos, I used a golf app on my phone to take them sort of spur of the moment. I figured I would try and see if I could get any advice at all from these videos then update the thread with higher quality/br
  8. I try to play the ball off of my left heel, I will try to get some better pictures tomorrow in the daylight. How far away should be hands be from my body roughly? Is there a general rule? I guess my main question is should the head of the driver be flush on the ground at address, because if so it means that my stance would be very straight up and my arms would be much further from my body as opposed to the natural straight down position
  9. Hey everyone, I went to the range today and I was hitting my clubs pretty well, but then I took my driver out and although I was making good contact, I had a vicious slice and I was questioning myself as to whether I was addressing the ball correctly. I have two pictures attached of the two set-ups that I was using, with a close up of the driver head for each. The first picture is a more comfortable natural stance similar to how I set up with my other clubs, but when I set up this way due to the length of the driver the toe of the club seems to be pivoted into the air. In
  10. Thanks for the replies everybody, I feel better about the clubs now. However, how do I know I have the "right" shafts? I just bought the clubs as they were, never changed the shafts, so is that something that I should look into? Also, I was unaware that there was both GI and SGI clubs, do you happen to know which kind my clubs would fall under? I would assume just standard GI since they are progressive offset, but I'm really not sure. Thanks again!
  11. Hey everyone, I've had a set of AdamsGolf Idea a7 clubs for about 4 years now. For 3.5 of them, my swing was absolutely atrocious and I'm just finally figuring it out and hitting the ball well with a much more "textbook" swing. Since I had a plethora of other concerns with my mechanics before, I never really paid attention to my clubs (and I was sort of stupid in buying them, a salesman just suggested them to me and I bought them without much question). I just noticed today that they have a "progressive" off-set to them. I'm now nervous that playing with off-set clubs will mask a
  12. Hey everybody! I'm a college student studying biology, I'm also a personal trainer.
  13. Thanks for all the great (and fast!) replies everyone. I think I will take the lesson, it says that they use swing analysis software, as well as video tape the whole lesson which they give to you at the end, so at least I'll have something to reference back to. And if the first one i good, maybe I'll see if they have any affordable package deals to go back for a couple more. I'm really motivated to fixing my swing and swinging correctly so I think I'll benefit from it, I'm not too worried about my score because A. I never feel good about a good score if I just compensated for a mistake
  14. Hey everybody, I've been playing golf for a while now, but the past two summers are when I've really started playing courses regularly and getting more serious about it and trying to improve my game. I've never had a consistent swing....it constantly changes from season to season and although I usually work something out by the mid-end summer, by that time I don't really have much of a window to stay consistent before winter rolls in. I just went to the driving range yesterday after watching a video on the proper swing, and my short irons were sort of alright....but my 5 i
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