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  1. For me it's walking in the line of a putt. Accidents can happen, and an I'm sorry resolves it for me. Noise is a close second.
  2. For me it's any shot with my wedges. Whether in the sand or just a short chip from less than 50 yards, I seem to not get under the ball well when on the course.
  3. While I'm sure this isn't the most unusual thing in the world (having someone grab your ball), I was out one day, drove the ball down the middle of the fairway and while walking to the ball a guy from the hole to my left is walking to my ball. He picks it up and starts to walk away, I yell to him and catch up to him to tell him that it's my ball which I marked with my initials. He's goes on to tell that it's his and to leave him alone, so I show him another ball that I had that was marked the same as the other. He throws a couple profanities at me and walks away, so I just figured it wasn't
  4. Has nothing to do with the golf courses here. Your profile says you live in Colorado. I know it's a little warmer there, but is it that much better?
  5. I'd go with the chicken wings.... I love wings but I find that so many places have bad ones.
  6. Drives me nuts how Michigan is always ranked so high, yet we rarely get a PGA or WEB.com event here.
  7. Trump is an idiot at times but he did nothing and said nothing wrong here. He was speaking of illegal immigrants which in turn instantly makes them criminals. He never said a single negative thing about legal immigrants and from what I know never called anyone a racist name. Actions speak louder than words and as long as someone's opinion is just that and isn't acted on, I don't think they should be punished.
  8. I just played around with a set of Gorman clubs last week. It took about 50 balls at the range until I finally started hitting anything well and straight. The weight of the clubs made me struggle.
  9. A friend of mine has a couple Warrior wedges. They are just average beginner clubs. I don't get how Warrior stays in business.
  10. My advice is to do what I did. I went to a golf store and found what was on clearance. I got a great set of Callaways at 25% under cost simply because they had been replaced with a new model.
  11. What is it that you find different between the old ones and new?
  12. Went to Carls Golfland, they have everything. New clubs, used, and clearance. I wanted something new that would last me for years so I bought a clearance set. They were 25% off and I've had them four years.
  13. I like him, he seems to be pretty down to earth and doesn't try to please anyone but himself. He appears to be a family man and I like the fact that his swing is his own.
  14. I read this and thought that while it isn't good to be beat by the marker, he's +3 for the tournament and is tied for 26th. Surely he's not in good position to win, but this story makes it sounds like he's +10 or something.
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