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  1. Tiger Woods -13 Hunter Mahan -15 Keegan Bradley -13
  2. I'm glad you liked it. The view from that course is outstanding. How many balls did you lose? I always lose at least 2 balls there.
  3. These are all fun courses I like, but i'll list them in order of difficulty hardest first: The Ranch Cinnabar Hills Los Lagos San Jose Municipal (greens are not good though) All of them can be booked on golfnow for at least 10% discount usually
  4. Thanks guys! I called wedgeworks and they can custom fit the same shafts on my wedges. Seems like 95% of tour pros match their iron shafts to their wedges so it's probably the best idea and at most take a softer flex. Thanks again
  5. Hey guys I'm thinking about sending my 4 vokey wedges (46,50,56-changing to 55,60) to wedgeworks and getting the shafts changed out as well as the lengths and lies changed to match my irons. I was fitted for my regular AP2 irons as 1* flat and. 5" short on ns pro 105t shafts. My question is should I try to match the wedge shafts with my irons? A problem that comes up though is vokey wedgeworks only provides kbs, dg, and px shafts. Is there a shafts that they provide that's similar to the ns pro shafts I'm currently gaming on my irons? Thanks a bunch guys! Lee
  6. Hunter Mahan -16 Tiger Woods -17 Rory McElroy -15
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