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  1. Tried the Bridgestone E6's out for the first time this past weekend and I have to say..they left me with a pretty good impression. hit them pretty darn straight and I wasn't doing my best ball striking that day.
  2. I agree with the fact that rules are rules and that means they are enforced on everyone. however, they should've told him prior to the round or he should've been allowed to finish his round and made aware for the next time. and as far as the dress code goes. I am a 25 year old and I think there should be a strong dress code enforced in clubs. Golf is considered a gentleman's game and you should look and ACT the part. no shinanigans and no saggy, baggy, or torn up dress wear. if i attended a club that required pants only I would adhere to that and expect whomever played there to d
  3. cleveland classic series HB #1 putter 34"... it should be in monday..whoop whoop
  4. haha, my wife and I love this show. As soon as she saw him hitting balls off the bus she looks over and says "oh that would totally be you" haha I just laughed and said yeah probably also like the scene in "I am legend" where he's hitting the balls from the jet wing on the bridge.
  5. I def. don't play for money as of yet considering I just started playing in March/April of this year. But I have no doubt that once I feel confident in my game I will throw down some coin on a round. I mean hell I guess I would wager someone now if I knew they were of somewhat equal ability.
  6. I'm usually pretty consistant with shooting a little over 100 but the other day on my home course I shot an 89. I'm pretty anxious to get back on that same course and see how much of a fluke this is...I have been putting in quite a bit a practice though, so i guess i'll see next week.
  7. hit this shot from about 170 yards out..this is the par 4 18th. proceded to make the putt and finish with an 89 on the day..my best round ever by far!! (i've been playing like six months) it was actually my birthday so i guess the golf gods were smiling on the that day still haven't made a damn birdie yet!!
  8. +1 for TJ Maxx.. I got drug along in there with my wife the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find a nice selection of golf apparal for pretty damn cheap. I got several of the "Pebble Beach" brand shirts and I really like them. also ran across a great deal at Target the other day. Golf polos were like 60% off and ended up being like 8-11 dollars for the dri fit type polo. They had a great selection of colors and they don't look cheap like some of the...well, cheap shirts do.
  9. I asked the course manager at my home course if he usually saw people riding or walking the most. He replied with riding by a landslide. He said probably over 90% of people ride, that he only sees people walking every once in a great while. He also said that he nor any of his playing buddies (all low handicappers I'm sure) would never walk if the option to ride were there.
  10. professionals also have a caddy that carries all of their shit around for them as well...why does it bother you if others ride instead of walking? seems like a petty thing to be worried about on a nice day of golfing. I ride because it's very hot (usually around 103 deg.) and very humid (usually close to 90%) during the summer months and it's just not enjoyable to walk 3-5 miles in that while carrying a set of clubs and sometimes a cooler..because I do like to enjoy a few brewskis from time to time while I play..and there isn't anything wrong with that. at the end of the day golf is a s
  11. Wow, I can't believe so many people walk on a regular basis.. I am 25 and in good physical shape and the couple of times I have walked even nine holes it was absolutely dreadful. But I do live in Florida and shoot around 100. I find driving a much more pleasurable experience. I usually drive my cart pretty slow, observing nature and such. I go on nature paths, jog on the beach etc. I love outdoor activities. I find being on the course very relaxing but not while it's 110 degrees and I'm sweating bullets and humping a golf bag around. I just started playing at the start of the summer so
  12. Got randomly paired with two its today. It was he first time i have ever played with anyone, so I was a bi nervous since I'm just a beginner. I had some really nice shots as well as some very nasty looking ones hahaha. But I ended up shooting my personal best of 109. I just added a new 3 wood to m bag ( ive been playing wiuout one) so that helped quite a bit. I think next time I will shoot maybe 100 that's my goal anyway
  13. I've been using the callaway diablo and callaway warbirds. I like them quite a bit, I think I favor the diablo a little more but there isn't that much difference, to me anyway. And they don't break the bank. I also will play a hole or two with balls I find on the course to get a feel for different brands. I found a brand new looking pro V1 by a bush the other day and man I could def. tell a difference in the "feel". Played a Nike tour one and didn't like it at all. I also bought a pack of sirixion that I like quite a bit. :-) but they were kind of pricey
  14. Well damn, seems like you guys are pretty open about everything... My father in law introduced me to golf. . He gave me a set of nice clubs and a bery nice driver then showed me a few things on the range. He helped me out quite a bit on my first round but he next time we Played there was discussion about yardage but nothing at all about club selection. Haha there were a few times I could've used some help but I eyeballed it and did a pretty good job (for me anyway):-D I think I will hold true to the no talk about club selection.. yardage is fine but what club you choose is your business
  15. Well- I don't have a problem doing anything else by myself, so I don't see why golf would be any different. I haven't been playing long and will be enjoying my first solo round tomorrow during twilight hours...i am pretty excited- I think it will be nice to put the world on hold for aminute....wish me luck..ill let you guys know how it goes
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