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  1. I am 28, 5'8" with a fairly athletic build and own a set of Callaway X20 irons. I recently started a lesson package with Golftec and one of the main things they pointed out was that my clubs may be too long for me. I have long arms and upon a friends suggestion, looked up a few websites online that showed how long clubs should be based on a person's height and the length from their wrist to the floor. Based on this calculation, the length from my wrist to the floor (while wearing shoes) is 31" and with me being 5'8" the chart I looked at suggested that I would have to cut standard clubs by 1". The X20's I own are uniflex and most of them have a oversized grip on, since I have large hands as well. If I choke down my grip feels off and is causing a few issues. So, I am planning on getting them cut and spoke with my instructor at Golftec about it. He's a bit hesitant about the idea as he pointed out that the shafts would basically become Stiff flex and I am actually ok with that as many instructors in the past recommended I go to a stiff flex given my swing speed. Also, the instructor at Golftec suggested I do a fitting with them but I think he's trying to sell me another package along with thier selection of clubs. I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on this and what suggestions you may have.