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  1. yes the gravitational force is less at the bottom of the arc, and the club head would start to decelerate right before the ball. However the student needs to add force to get the club head to reach the certain speed needed to hit the ball the proper distance. I think that it is easier to "accelerate" to that speed then it is to "coast". That might be wrong but that's my point. (and I'm trying to think critically about this piece of instruction)
  2. How does this defy logic? Gravity and momentum are causing the club head to accelerate naturally, Pelz is just saying to keep it accelerating right through impact. Well any "quick tip" can be wrong without the proper context. I would agree that most likely any "quick tip" is pretty useless but this thread is a discussion spicific to poor pitching and leaving it short.
  3. So you would tell a student "hit it in the middle of this graph because it easier to time"?
  4. Whats actually happening is not relevant, the point of this piece of instruction is to help someone with their pitching. Golf instruction is not programming a robot.
  5. Yes we definitely could go back and fourth on this. All I am saying is that my pitching has gotten much better when I focus on accelerating right though the ball as Pelz says. (I did not get that from Pelz but another instructor who explained it a slightly different way)
  6. Your graph in the blue area shows acceleration, constant speed and deceleration. I think it would harder when hitting a pitch to time hitting in this area then to accelerate right through the ball and after as Pelz says. If you had a robot swing the club your way might be more consistent but for the average golfer I think its harder and will lead to poor contact.
  7. I don't agree, since we are talking about pitching and the club head at the top of the backswing is quite high (compared to chipping or putting) the force of gravity it heavily at play. Gravity alone is going to cause the club head to accelerate the entire time until it meets resistance (ball, ground etc.) so I think keeping the club head accelerating is easier then trying to bring it to a constant velocity or max velocity right at or before the ball. In order to do that you would need to exert some force to cancel out the natural forces at play.
  8. I'm not quite sure I follow what you mean about "timing acceleration" ? I always thought the club head is accelerating up until it hits the resistance of the ball.
  9. would you mind posting a link? In addition to TV Fool I also used this site tvworms.com to help with my antenna and also for a guide.
  10. That's too bad, I thought you were pretty clever with the "swing based on science".
  11. Haha yah I remember old Richard Chen, did he ever post or send you his swing like you requested?
  12. Thanks, thanks really interesting. I would also like to know why that is.
  13. Thanks, so when his "hands get deep on the backswing" what does that do to his ball flight? what kind of miss does he get with that?
  14. Thanks Pete, I was just wondering what are the few things Brian is working on before his tournament? Thanks,
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