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  1. I don’t know any good instructors. However both Turnberry country club (which is basically pay as you play to join) and Terra Cotta golf academy offer indoor practice areas. Ive lived away from the area a couple years but what I did was purchase a practice membership at Golftec for the winter months and I would book hour long sessions in their bays. They had Gc2 simulators (accurate ball data) and a rather awesome camera system which helped me work on mechanics.
  2. I really like the look of these but at double the price of current high end clubs I will have to pass.
  3. I actually like leadbetters idea in this book. Most common faults are club inside at 2, a shallow backswing, and then a steep downswing. So how would you go about changing the most people by the largest margin? Suggest that they try the complete opposite! So go steep on the backswing with a cupped lead wrist and then tell them they will need to shallow the club in the downswing. Sort of genius in a way. As for how well it will work for an 18 handicapper, probably not much. But that's only because they won't actually make the changes. Also I hope he includes in the book how the lead wris
  4. @saevel25 at the edge of your ability means that you are exploring a change at a speed where you are successful roughly 80% of the time. For me this starts at about 50% swing speed and feels sooooo uncomfortable. Then as it becomes more comfortable I'll increase my swing speed. You need to be practicing slow enough that you can feel whether you made the change or you didn't make the change. (Then confirm using video) Deep practice is an exploration of your body and what the change feels like to you. Also looking forward to how @iacas will describe "the edge of your ability"
  5. Good work @iacas , practicing what you preach (how to practice)
  6. What you feel and what you actually do are very different things. I feel like my right side does not stretch at all and I struggle with too much stretch (especially in my upper back). You'll need to use a mirror or camera and check the position that way to see what if feels like to you.
  7. I want to add that I think the most valuable charts are the 1 or 2 scoring ranges better than where you are now. For example im a 75-80 shooter and found the 72-75 chart and the scratch or better chart to be the best for assessing how I can take my game to the next level.
  8. @mvmac the swing on the right is better. Really good post, it's definitely the middle way that is best. Tournament next week? Work on positions very very little... Winter timewhere you won't be on the course for 6 months? Lots of slow motion reps changing the priority piece. At least that's what has worked for me.
  9. @mvmac I'd say your greenside shots need some work... Scrambling is SV3 and looks like it could save you a couple strokes a round.
  10. Wow @iacas both of ours are freakishly on point. I look forward to seeing more of these.
  11. Just found another great Game Golf feature which can be found on the website under "Explore" and then "Compare" You can compare your statistics against different scoring benchmarks. So I was able to compare my stats against the average scratch golfer, 72-75 shooter, 75-80 shooter, 80-85 and so on. It became obvious that my GIR % and Scrambling % were the keys to going from 75-80 (my bracket based on my Game Golf Handicap) and 72-75 or a scratch golfer. Another thing I found interesting is that my stats match up almost perfectly with the average 75-80 shooter.
  12. I use the compare to the pro feature for insight. You can see Furyk, Westwood, and McDowell 1) They have about 20 yards off the tee when comparing average drive distance 2) They hit the fairway 20% more often than I do 3) They hit the green in regulation 25% more often than I do 4) They get up and down about 25% more than I do 5) my putts per round is about the same as them So this tells me I need to work on approach shots, driver, and greenside shots.
  13. My name is Cedric Theofanous, I'm 28 years old. I went to the University of Illinois and now work in Real Estate. We buy distressed homes, fix them up, and then rent them out. I live in the city of Chicago and work in the burbs. I started playing golf with my dad when I was 8 or so. From 8 until 24 I played an average of 5 to 10 times a year and would shoot somewhere in the 90's. I never got any lessons... Then I went on a golf trip to Palm Springs, stayed at PGA west, and got my ass kicked by some old Greek men. This trip was the turning point in my golf game as 2 things happened, I fell in
  14. This is a cool idea. I will definitely add goals for each round. I could also keep the pool for myself and then set a date and set a score goal based on my handicap at that time... If I don't beat the target score I have to donate that money to charity...
  15. Tournament pressure is very different than what I felt in this match with my friend. I think something about my score posting to the public and the opportunity to tell my friends and family that I won is important to me. It's also a bit uncomfortable to play with people you don't know. So I definitely think you should play some tournaments. They are fun and for me add a different intensity to the game. Also I've noticed that having people you know follow your gamegolf adds a bit of pressure to every round.
  16. Ended up doing a match play with my buddy this Saturday (his choice) with dinner on the line. He did not like loosing. We were even after 9 but then his driver went haywire and I made a bunch of pars to beat him 5 and 4. I felt more competitive juice flowing than our usual rounds but honestly didn't feel much pressure knowing it was just dinner on the line.
  17. Played 18 holes then worked on backswing plane in mirror for a few minutes after round.
  18. Worked on keeping clubface more open throughout swing. Really feel this in my left wrist, which feels cupped. Very uncomfortable at the moment but I absolutely have to start every ball I hit to the right of the target. Worked on this for almost an hour.
  19. Thanks, it means a lot that you used the word "efficient" because that's what I strive for in all aspects of my life. [quote name="saevel25" url="/t/72865/my-swing-cedrictheo/30#post_1135802"] I agree he has a great looking swing. Keep up the good work @cedrictheo I like @mvmac 's feel for the backswing. I am working on the same steep to shallow, don't get the arms and hands too deep move. I know Erik has mentioned a few times getting that right arm to soften up and let the hands raise up more. For me I can get caught in just raising the arms up and not turning. I think keeping
  20. I like it, actually that drill is my pre shot routine (without the downswing)...
  21. Yes, for corrupting the minds of Athenian children... He questioned everything which is very similar to what goes on around here... How long do you think it'll be before @iacas is put on trial by the pga? I heard there are talks about making the 5 Simple Keys blasphemy! Every instructor must focus on grip, alignment, stance, and posture.
  22. I can understand that more money most likely means more pressure. I think I'm going to start low though and see if that gets the competitive juices flowing. Im really excited to try match play, perhaps it's because of the tour event this week...
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