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  1. Seriously I cannot hit the toe quadrant of my driver if I try. I actually have an inside to out swing, so it isn't over the top. I also have shortened my driver by 1 inch also. I've stood as far away as two feet further and still hit the heel. Btw smash factor isn't awful, 1.4 75% of the time, but obviously I'd like to be at 1.5 100% of the time...
  2. I don't really care if people don't take score properly if it doesn't affect me, but you should play whatever tees you want. After all you did pay for YOUR round. I sometimes play tips but if there is a line on the 1st hole I'll drive from the blues so I don't feel like an idiot if I shank one though :P
  3. I have had a Ping Anser driver for several years. If you’ve hit it before you know it is not the most forgiving club, and I’m not the most consistent striker but did go through a long stretch where I was hitting it well and didn't need anything new. A few months ago that all changed and so I decided I would start researching for a new driver, figuring technology is probably a little better so it was worth a look anyway. Being just an OK striker my initial thought was not to get professionally fit…I figured my striking could be really bad or really good that day, and in either s
  4. It's all about the distance from your wrists to the floor, not really your height (although there is some obvious correlation here). If your arms were 6 inches off the floor, it would make no sense to be swinging 3 ft long clubs, just as if you were an Avatar swinging the same sized clubs it wouldn't make any sense either. The former would cause you to be very upright, while the latter would be extremely hunched over. I'm 6'6" and although I play +1, when I use the PING online fitting system they constantly switch their recommendation between 1, 1/2, and 0. So there definitely is some breath
  5. Bare with me as a lot of this is just a brainstorm, but there is definitely a question in here somewhere. I watch the pros consistently drive the ball with 280+ carry and they hit their balls way up in the air. Now if you gave them a really low launch shaft what would happen? I would think they would get less carry and more roll. Or (if all else was constant), would they carry the ball the same distance? I had a discussion the other day with someone who said the guy who hits the ball 280 carry and 5y of roll is always stronger than the guy who hits it 250 carry with 35y of roll. I
  6. Where did you read that? I hear people say that all the time, but all it takes it a simple visit to PGA.com to read that is not accurate. Shouldn't golfers select tees based on their handicap? Not in this approach. The idea is to help golfers play from tees that allow them to hit more lofted clubs for their approach shots.
  7. I guess it's one thing to brag about it on a forum and it probably not be true, but completely different if it is true. If you are a 20 handicap and hit it 300y, that's believable. Not sure why anyone would rant or care about that possibility. I'm in the camp that distance capability does not necessarily equate to skill level. Just because Jim is bigger, stronger, and/or more flexible than you doesn't mean he has the short game or control that you do. In fact Tee it Forward was created on the premise that you should pick a tee/course distance that corresponds to your DRIVING D
  8. I don't know if I agree with that, I think some people are delusional about just about anything! That being said, why would you say anything? Sounds like more work than just ignoring and letting it go.
  9. so can anyone else not watch the pga championship because of time warner cable? like, i can't even watch it online because they block cbssports.com live feed. are there any alternatives to watching it, or do i have to go to a sports bar or something?
  10. Yep, same one. Mine has been inconsistent...it is not very forgiving on mishits I've found.
  11. I have a prolaunch red paired with an Adams head I cannot hit, buts it is very low spin when I hit it well. I can't decide if I should buy a forgiving head like an r11s or 910d3 and use the shaft I have, or if I should buy a stock low spin driver such as the Anser. Problem is I can't try the two earlier mentioned with my shaft. If I hit a stock one with 3500rpm spin numbers, what could I expect the prolaunch shaft to knock off of that spin number? I'm sure it's a guess but maybe it could help me make a better decision.
  12. I probably won't even watch the finale now that it is the two people that really shouldn't be in the finale. The only thing going for the finale is that Taylor is hot. But hey...Brent made the most money on the show by winning all of those elimination challenges, so I'd say he ultimately wins the show. And Tommy Gainey and Matt Every are proof you don't have to win to still make it on Tour, so we might see Brent or Jay on TV again someday. Even though I still am not a believer in Jay...that was the only elimination round he ever went through and he got beat.
  13. I remember a drive or two that were right around 265 in a couple of the first episodes. In fact I think it was the same par 5 that Brent/L played like 5 times in their playoff. Brent was hitting like a Driver/7i to the green? Matt was hitting Driver/Hybrid when he played what I think was the same hole in another round. Though they may have been different holes, but I definitely remember a couple of 265y drives from him, and pretty much every time Brent/Jay have driven the ball it is around 300y (which is what you would expect).
  14. No...it is much less than that. I've never clocked it but I think at the very worst it is half of your estimates, maybe even faster for a full charge. ~2.5 hours sounds about right.
  15. I have the GSIII. For starters, I bought the Samsung extended battery...not one of the humongous aftermarket ones, but the one by Samsung that is only slightly bigger than the standard battery. http://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Samsung-Extended-Battery-3000mAh/dp/B00BMQ56QE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1374008305&sr;=8-1&keywords;=galaxy+s3+extended+battery+3000 Secondly I use SkyDroid which is awesome, but I used to leave it on all during a round and it burned in on my screen. AT&T; gave me a warrantied refurbished new phone, and so now I make sure and turn the screen only between shot
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