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  1. Glad to have you! This is a great community... I've learned a lot here since I started golf 6 or 7 years ago. Make sure to check out the "My Swings" thread, and some of the other instructional threads - there are some real jewels in here. I do a lot of golfing near Charlotte, let me know if you are ever in the area!
  2. Awesome, hit me up any time and we can set something up
  3. Primary Goal: Reach single digit handicap Improve accuracy from 150 yards and in - up to this point, I have relied upon a very "feels" based approach to alignment. I intend to address this thru lessons and hope to develop a more consistent, deliberate method of aligning to a target. I'm guessing this could save 2-3 (if not more) strokes per round. Fix issues off the tee - I developed a very ugly hook off the tee this year and still managed to keep the majority of scores where they have been (around a 14-15 handicap). Thru lessons and more video work I hope to address
  4. Anybody else find it odd that this phenomena appears to be happening to people with less than 10 posts on this site?
  5. took another lesson. received really good feedback on the progress I made over the last 2 weeks. Tempo and transition are smoothing out, and other mechanical tweaks were looking better. Today we looked closer at my grip, how I address the ball, and my shoulder alignment at address. These are all things I can accomplish before I even make a single move with the club. Good news is, everything we've worked on so far reinforces things I've heard repeatedly on my swing thread, and things @iacas covered with me in a lesson some time ago when I was visiting my homestead. So feeling really good
  6. Hit a bucket at the driving range today Brought my Zepp device with me to see what the numbers would look like when hitting a ball as opposed to the practice swings I’ve been doing recently. The good news is the tempo and back swing rotation were really good. Ball contact was pretty decent after I had sufficiently warmed up, either hitting slightly thin or taking small divots after the ball... fat shots were quite rare, which means progress is being made. The bad news is my hip rotation took a dive when placing a ball in front of me. Although that concerns me, I’m not going to f
  7. Worked on swing tempo and hip turn for about a half hour today used my zepp device as an aide in checking progress heres my averages for the session
  8. Very little motivation today. Accomplished some core exercises this morning for the backswing/downswing motion but that’s about it
  9. Day 2: 20 minutes or so working on tempo and weight forward Images are from my zepp device and show some of today’s averages and one swing in particular which shows hip rotation What I was pleasantly surprised about was how consistent those hip rotation numbers were without me paying close attention to it. Normally I’m only like 15-20 degrees open when I’m not thinking of it... so this resembles progress in the direction of better habits (knock on wood)
  10. Hey there, I took a hiatus from a lot of social internet activity but I'm back now, so just now reading your post. We play a lot of the same courses. Shoot me a private message and we can coordinate some time. I'm in Indian Trail which is not too far from you. Cheers!
  11. Welcome to the site. Hopefully the weather will break soon so you can get back out there.
  12. Welcome to the site. I've been on here since I started playing golf and its been a tremendous help. Hope to see you around the threads.
  13. shaking off the winter cobwebs, and a little too much time away from the course. Been practicing a lot of tempo drills lately, but here's a sampling of work done concentrating on key 2: weight forward. I see that I have a lot of head drift still... so really, its back to the drawing board on keys 1 & 2
  14. Day 7: driving range. worked on tempo with my wedges in hand. Ball striking was much improved overall, especially considering I forgot my golf shoes and had to practice in my J’s. Left a fair number out to the left (push) but I was more so focused on quality ball striking and taking divots in front of the ball. Historically I struggle the most with wedges in hand, with a good number of my shots landing fat, or thin, but lately I’ve been having a lot of welcomed success. Also did some swing related work in the gym. Saw a fitness tip during the AP Invitational that I wanted to tr
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