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  1. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    I've experienced the same phenomenon over the last year. I was debating on getting a simple swing speed radar to provide instant feedback while practicing, but I decided to get a Zepp 2 golf kit instead... being that it can give me swing speed and a bunch more metrics as well. While I assume that its not quite as accurate as radar, it is accurate inasmuch as showing if your speed is increasing or decreasing from swing to swing. So far it has been super helpful. When working on my speed, I am able to instantly experiment with different feels and tensions and grip pressures etc. and see immediately what is working and what is not. So far it has worked really really well. I went out last weekend and birdied both par 5's on the back nine by being able to reach the green in two. Something I've never done before. While I'm not swinging faster than ever, I am realizing noticeable improvement since getting the Zepp 2 device less than 2 months ago. It also provides you with swing plane, backswing rotation, tempo, and even hip turn metrics (with the app running on your phone, and your phone in your pocket while you swing). Really smooth tech IMO... 150$ +/- I would recommend u invest in either one, the Zepp or the Radar. The range by itself can be misleading in terms of swing speed.
  2. they must not be able to afford them any longer...
  3. so apparently you're supposed to be able to view & compare swings from different pros... so far, i've only seen michelle wei, does anyone else have more?
  4. great, thanks for the update... just picked one up at dicks :)
  5. just curious, where are you with this? I'm considering getting one... Were you ever able to compare against the GC2? Do you still use/like it?
  6. Charlotte, NC Region

    So seems like there's enough interest to begin organizing. @mdaugherty24, would you be wiling to gather some preliminary details on playing a small (1 day, 6-8 player) tourney out in Pinehurst... sometime maybe in October?
  7. Charlotte, NC Region

    fall sounds good to me!
  8. Charlotte, NC Region

    will do, thanks!
  9. Bogey Golfers Only (HI From 16-22)/Breaking 90 Thread

    well, don't forget, we're not robots. its also possible you just had a bad round. Based on what you said earlier, about puring all of your tee shots save one, it sounds like you might have had issues with other aspects of your game that day. short game woes? mis-hit irons? putting? I agree with @Lihu, a 6000 yard course shouldn't eat you up with hybrids going 180-190 off the deck. I forget where I read it, but someone once said you should be able to play decent bogey golf if you can learn to become consistent with your 150 yard club. 150 off the tee, + 150 from the fairway + 150 to the green = green in regulation on a 450 yard hole... + 2 putts = bogey. Concentrate on playing the golf that is at your disposal that day. Stay away from hazards, and take a little pressure off yourself by planning to get on the green in 3 instead of 2... stuff like that. Manage the skills that you bring to the course with you that day... not the skills that you wish you had on your best day.

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