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  1. Anyone had a chance to hit/review these?
  2. Have been looking for a new set of irons and have searched/read reviews from all the top brands, but for some reason I find myself leaning more and more toward Adams. Therefore, which do you guys think is better between the two? Also, which would compare best by ways of look and forgiveness to my current Titleist DCI 762's?
  3. I think I have narrowed it down to 4 sets in which I'm hoping to demo at sometime. The Adams Idea Tech A4 forged, Cobra S2 forged, Wilson VG V2 Tour, and Callaway Razr X Forged.
  4. Yea I like these alot. I'm hoping I can find somewhere to demo them!
  5. I've looked at the Maltby Playability Factor at some clubs. How trust worthy is his system?
  6. I agree they have been good to me for the past 4 years since I bought them. I am just not much of a Titleist iron fan. There are other brands I have hit better, I just never would bite the bullet and buy them. How forgiving are the Razr X's?
  7. Yes they are a nice iron, I just want something newer. I hit them pretty well, but forgiveness is lacking. I have hit my dad's Wilson Ci7's and I like them, but haven't hit them enough to really tell a big difference.
  8. Well I am trying to keep it as cheap as possible. I know that will be difficult if I get something brand new, but something within the last 4 years or so would be great since mine are from 2001. Also, until I got these Titleist all I had played were Wilson's and I loved them, I would kind of like to go back to Wilson.
  9. Any idea what Maltby rates any of the Wilson irons at? I am also interested in upgrading my irons from my Titleist DCI 762's to something newer with the players cavity, and the Wilson's look really nice.
  10. I am looking into getting a new set of irons. My current irons now are not bad, I just want to upgrade. I am currently swinging the Titleist DCI 762's, but am looking to upgrade to something similar. I love the look of the current irons, and want something that looks close to the same, with a thin top line and the bottom of the club not being bulky. If you have any suggestions of what I should look at please feel free to tell me. I would rather not get another set of Titleist. Thanks in advance.
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