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  1. The pro I take lessons from is not all that good at tech. It wouldn't surprise me if he couldn't return an email. Having a talk in person, as" 1stopgolfshop " recommended, is the best bet. I'm sure there are some pros who also use tech just fine, but it's probably more the exception than the rule.
  2. How about the revenue lost when golfers walk off and don't return because of it takes an hour to get through the first 3 holes? Pace of play has to be a course responsibility, too. Way too many courses are trying to compensate for poor economic times by squeezing players closer together, creating dissatisfied customers in the process and actually reducing their revenue overall.
  3. Forget the drive, I have trouble believing you have a 27 handicap and have played only 10 weeks. I think once you learn ALL the rules of golf, your handicap will increase to max (assuming you play by all the rules).
  4. No, don't ban the long putter. It offers no competitive advantage. If you want to ban a truly unfair club, ban the hybrid. That club give length to someone who cannot hit a long iron or wood decently. And it does so immediately without requiring any additional skill what-so-ever.
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