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  1. Your low spin comment certainly has some merit. I want carry, not roll. to get to bunkered greens. Right now GBB 3wood with Kuro Kage Black shaft is what I am searching for. KK Silver shaft I have does not get the carry I want.
  2. I have had wonderful success with the XR 5wood. I would go for the XR 3Wood with the same Project X LZ shaft BUT I really do want the ability to swap shafts in and out of the three clubs. I even have an extra adapter should I find a great deal on a 4th shaft. Not sure I would have good luck pulling shaft from adapter so I prefer to do the swap with adapter in place. I did cut the driver length shaft down a little over an inch. In the end it is all about finding the allusive "right feel". And keeps me amused... BTW I am not ready to give up on the mini. I played it as my driver for 75% of my rounds last year. Of 90 score-able rounds I had 6 74 and under, and 60 75 to 79 so it served me well. Tried and tried to use it as a strong 3wood (even upped it to 16*) off the deck but never had consistent success. This year I want the GBB to be my every day driver. And maybe a GBB 3wood as well! Which I hope to play at 16* as a 4wood. Will have to wait and see. Merry Christmas to all... We are expecting 7-9 inches of snow here in Upstate NY on Christmas Day.
  3. Okay, now I follow your logic... A yard a year.... if only life or golf were so simple. With any luck at all I will end up with three clubs (GBB driver, Callaway mini driver, and a 3wood all using the same adapter. Thus I can swap shafts around a bit... would have a combination of 2 in play in my bag... one club in the penalty box at home.
  4. In the article Biggest Big Bertha vs Epic driver... the yardage gained was 20 yards not 2 for the Epic over the BBB. A 20 yard longer drive puts a much more accurate club in my hands for my 2nd shot. Combining the yardage gained on drives with a longer carrying 3 wood (say 8-10 yards longer?) could gain me 2 to 3 shots a round. Key for me is having the extra carry with the 3wood as most of the courses I play are well bunkered and do not always allow shots to roll on. Besides... this time I have promised my wife I WILL trade in a club to buy a "new" used one. I think that means I have her approval?
  5. Sounds good to me... Tests I saw (online of course) showed minimal distance gains. I hit the ball straight so I am not looking for crazy forgiveness. Any experience with Kuro Kage black tini? I have a Silver tini and am disappointed. Seems to lack that extra kick you get out of some shafts. I have an older model KK meant for an Adams club that is far livelier!
  6. Has anyone played the GBB and then moved on to the Epic S Zero? What were your results? I can get the GBB for 1/2 the price of the Epic SZero. Both used. Both will be adjustable which is important to me as I want to play it as a 16* 4wood to fit my club gaps. Super light weight crown of the Epic concerns me. Is it durable? Shaft in the GBB would be Kuro Kage likely the black tini model in regular. I know nothing about the Epic choices. Hazrdus(Sp) from reviews looks like it could be too low launching for me? I want carry out of the 3wood not roll out. Suggestions welcomed. Thank you.
  7. Just last month I bought a used 2015 Great Big Bertha head online. The head had small differences in what I expected... ex: glossy not matte crown. Callaway DID sell Udesign clubs that year with a glossy head? Or so I was told. So I figured I would email Callaway with the serial number to confirm it was authentic. Took about 3 weeks but Callaway did get back to me... sort of. Told me they DO NOT validate whether a club is authentic or not. Then gave me standard .... buy at an authorized dealer language. My point... there are fake clubs out there and you will not get any support from Callaway if you buy used. BTW I have bought clubs from Callaway's PreOwned shop online. I considered sending them a second email with the serial number from one of those clubs to see if I got the same crap answer. I must say I was shocked at their reply. Club is playing well so I will assume it is authentic... fingers-crossed.
  8. I putt left hand low. Whenever I seemed to be out of sorts with my putting... be it pulls or pace I simply change my grip to traditional right hand low. It appears to force me to re-focus and clears my mind. Sometimes it only takes a putt or two with the different grip before I am ready to go back to my usual left hand low. This simple technique to re-focus has saved many rounds for me. And often fellow players do not even notice the change. Instead they might comment how 'suddenly' I am locked in with my putts. I suspect a traditional right hand low player could do the same by going to left hand low or possibly a 'claw grip' for a couple of putts. Key for me is to re-try left hand low after my mini break.
  9. Kucher helped the pace of play by hitting to the green, when he could have waited to see what Speith did. Pretty sure he was not expecting 20 minute delay... At that point I would have walked to the green and considered putting. It would have been interesting to see if the Open officials would have allowed him to do that. Remember he had already hit to the green and is allowed to continue play since this was not match play. "Timeouts" are allowed in many sports and often are used to break an opponent's momentum or give you a chance to re-start in a better frame of mind. Timeouts however are not allowed in golf. Also interesting was Speith's decision to not play a provisional ball from the tee following the stray shot that could have easily have been a lost ball. Suggests to me he was prepared to slow the pace of play if necessary to clear his head. As for Bones... I found his debut presentation fine. Especially impressed with the clarity of his voice and explanations. Showed none of the rookie jitters I would have expected. His experience reading the shots and greens at courses more recently that most commentators should be helpful. How long has it been since Johnny Miller actually struck a meaningful shot on any of these greens... 20+ years?
  10. Yes, I now see 2 official OB's. But I did also see an OB was created for Hole 9 for safety reasons. Safety Reasons was the reason any course I have played would have Driving Ranges OB. I wonder if on the next rotation to R Birkdale the area will be deemed OB or possibly the corporate trailers located in a different spot.
  11. I have not read thru all the posts but I will add a few comments... Never heard of a course where the driving range was not out of bounds? In normal play at R Birkdale would I be allowed to do the same drop? Would Montgomery or Sergio have been given the same 'support' from PGA, TV, and fans? Jordan may not like the 'Golden Boy" tag but he seemed to benefit from it here. Could Kucher have walked up, putted out, and finished the hole? I think the delay was immensely unfair to him. Plus the delay may actually have given Speith a much needed mental re-start. Reminded me of some tennis 'injuries' that change the momentum of play.
  12. I did consider the Ping G30 SF Tec (draw model). Watched a few of the videos online of players hitting it. It definitely did draw. Problem is my home course has too many tight fairways and holes where aiming right to draw to the middle just will not work. Draw would fit 3 maybe 4 holes (2 of them Par 5's) but on 4 other holes it would be a nightmare. Still I might try to track one down to demo. Not sure I know anyone still playing the Xtreme Razr model? Most of my playing partners are using TM or Callaway drivers. Season here is still 3 months away so I do have time...but right now I am suffering from the winter itch to buy a club or 2.
  13. I posted 82 rounds this year, had 5 eagles. One was from driving a shortish Par 4. The other 4 were from excellent approach shots on Par 5's. My course only has 3 Par 5's and the eagles were distributed 1-2-1. Interestingly enough none had putts made of more than 15-20 feet. Not one was from a chip which probably is a surprise as I am a strong chipper. And like others, I can very unfondly remember turning at least 3 changes into 3 putt Pars, fortunately no 4 putt bogeys. Before you question my honesty... one was from blue tees, 4 were from the white tees.
  14. I can see instances where leaving a ball unmarked might help pace of play but only if it clearly would not come into play, even with errant shot. BUT as soon as the player asked for it to not be marked it became clear he felt it was an advantage... and therefore had to be marked to 'protect the field.' Brings back awful memories I have of playing a singles match with a third player playing as a marker. Twice the guy I was playing let the 'marker' who was not away go first because he 'wasn't ready'. The third time it happened I got in his face about it. Got called a few names. Even back in the clubhouse I was amazed how many players defended it as 'ready golf' when it was clearly being done to offer an advantage. Fewer and fewer people play tournament golf so rules of the game are getting pushed aside. BTW: We sometimes joke... if you want to learn the rules of golf, play one round in a women's league!
  15. I am in total agreement with the idea of playing forward tees.... even if it is only once a week or only on certain par 5's. You will be surprised how much it will sharpen your short game... and make you a better player overall. I only this year at age 67 gave in and decided to play the white tees (vs blue tees) the majority of the time at our course. No longer forcing myself to over swing the driver was a blessing. And a funny thing happened... I won 2 Championships that were played from the blue tees? I had assumed playing from the white tees would weaken my game from the blue tees. It did not. Instead it sharpened my short game and lowered my scores. All handicap systems can be adjusted for blue vs white tee scores. Just be sure to post correctly as many systems are set to default to blue tee scoring. My advice... play more forward tee golf, score some of those elusive birdies and eagles, and enjoy the game more. BTW You will also find a huge improvement in pace of play. I wish more players would play the correct tees!
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