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  1. I really was! I was "flipping" so badly that sometimes my 4i would go like 30 yards lol But i dont expect to shoot an 81 again soon, seemed like the perfect round. But getting in the 80's again next time? thats what ill be shooting for!
  2. You must be the "cool" dad lol
  3. Ever get "lucky" and play much better than usual?

    Haha yes mighty impressive. Guess with my handi there is much room for improvement lol
  4. Ever get "lucky" and play much better than usual?

    Yes i have thought about that, i just always seem to try the "home-run" shot lol on this hole i should really just hit a club im more comfortable swinging to get it over the hazard, and just leave myself a longer third shot.
  5. Ever get "lucky" and play much better than usual?

    This will be me lol
  6. iron maintenance

    The whole issue seems to be me not wanting iron covers, and i think the guy who suggested them felt he got disrespected by me by saying i didnt see the point. Ive played my clubs 4 rounds, and washed twice. more than good enough for me.
  7. Big Break Atlantis

    Good player so far, and best body to look at it, IMO.
  8. Big Break Atlantis

    Natalia and Zakiya are my favorites, not to win it all necessarily lol but my favorites :D
  9. iron maintenance

    hmmm, interesting.
  10. What is your favourite shot to hit?

    4i from about 190 on a par five to get close to the hole in 3
  11. Just wanted to say thanks again. Shot an 81 (+8) today, best round ever. moved the ball up in my stance on my irons to about 3-4 inches off my left heel, especially 4-6i, and focused on hitting through the ball. had a great round! had a long par 5 18, where i managed to get within 20 feet of the hole with my 4 iron. Thanks a lot for the help, i think this will really help my game.
  12. yes i know what you mean about skateboarding, except i suck at skateboarding. i used to be able to kickflip, but thats it. Golf is easier to me than skateboarding, and less painful lol
  13. I played baseball from age 5 to age 18. I pitched and played shortstop. I always felt that i had good natural talent in baseball, in all aspects of the game. I was more limited by the physical tools i have available, as im only 5'6 155 lbs. I wrestled 112 lbs weight class in high school. I have also played some basketball, football, and tennis. I never raced MX, but i do have a bike, even though i havent ridden for a while. I cant really say that golf is like many of these sports. My baseball experience i think is good for my golf game overall. At first it made golf hard because i had a terrible slice, but once i learned some golf swing mechanics it has become much better. I think more than anything, pitching and hitting a baseball gave me a good idea of how to generate power with my torso, legs, and hips. Golf is such a mental game, and the only thing i think is close is pitching in baseball. In baseball you have to know how to pitch to the hitter, but pitching is all about accuracy and doing the same thing, the same way everytime. On a good day, it doesnt matter who the hitter is, if i can throw it where and how i want it, no one will hit the ball. Thats how i feel about golf. I played two rounds today, the first was a 94, and i was a little upset, not because of my score but because i didnt hit that well. The second round everything seemed to go right and i hit a 81 (+8). Best round ever. Its all mental. I got confidence early on, and just believed i could hit the ball where i wanted on every shot after that. And i more or less did. Golf is a great sport, and im already hooked ;)
  14. I had a tee time today at noon. Was excited to play because it was just my second time with my Cobra s3 max irons, and my first time with my new (but used) Cobra l4v driver. Played my first round, and was inconsistant. One good shot, then a bad one. Especially my driver, seemed like i couldnt keep it straight. Ended up with a 94 (+21) on the first round. Went to the club house and asked if i could play a second round, the guy said there was no one on, so i got a free round! Decided i would try to play nine, maybe even a full round. I moved the ball to the middle of my stance on my drive to try and get more accuracy. I really started hitting it better, and that allowed me to put my full power into it. I gained about 30 yards on average on the second round, and was a lot straighter. I started hitting my irons quite a bit better too, especially 4-6. Anyways, just seemed like almost all my shots were going where i wanted them. I ended the front nine at 40 (+4), and started getting nervous because i was thinking about my score. Got to 18 at +8. hit a nice drive off the tee, but my second shot was about 40 yards from a water hazard. I always do terrible here because i try and get distance with my 4 iron and usually smash it straight in the water. Anyways i hit my four, and it was a low liner. Im thinking "here we go again" when the ball goes right for the bridge, hits the railing, and bounces about 40 yards over the other side of the water hazard. I just thought "man, today is my day." From there i hit a 4 iron onto the green and made a two putt for par. Sorry for giving the long version of the story, I'm just pretty excited for shooting 12 strokes under my previous best! Anyways, Have you guys ever had that one round where everything seems to go your way and you shoot a great score?? I'd love to hear some stories if you guys have any.
  15. So funny! I wrestled in high school, and there was a guy on the team just like this. Super funny guy.