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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking at picking up another wedge for my bag. I think I'm going to go with a 64* this time. Currently I have the G-15 PW, Vokey SM 52, Vokey SM 58. I was looking at the 64 because of making a few mistakes lately while opening my club face on my 58*. I feel like it would be easier to just use a 64. I'm a Vokey fan, but have heard great things and read great reviews about the Mizuno. Does anyone have a recommendation on which one to get? Thanks.
  2. It seems like a necessary evil to have tournaments. It just blew my mind that two people who supposedly shoot 40 over par on average can shoot a 77. It took a lot of the fun out of playing =/
  3. Is it common for people to sandbag in tournaments? I just finished a two-man scramble tournament and the scores were ridiculous. We played some of our best golf ever and shot 7 under par after our handicap was taken into account. So we have a 63 on the board. We ended up coming in dead last place behind a bunch of teams in the low 50s and 40s. The winning team listed a 40 handicap per person, which was written down as a 29 together. They shot a 77 before the handicap was taken into account. It was just a local charity tournament so it isn't a huge deal, but still...it is pretty frustrating. Do
  4. I have never had any lessons before and have been playing for about 15 years(25 now). I had the issue of not hitting shots very cleanly until about two years ago. I never really tried to play for a good score. All my shots were trying to take the dangerous try-to-kill-the-ball shots. Since I stopped trying to kill the ball every shot, I very rarely mishit the ball. My first top/fat hit in about 10 rounds was actually this weekend. I tried to kill the ball while I was standing in a fairway bunker leaning way, way over with my ball in really thick rough. I tried to make a hero shot and it barely
  5. I played Hickam a couple weeks ago. That one is a lot of fun.
  6. Yup, the Army does not take care of their courses. We had a pretty awesome course on Pope until the Army took over. They wouldn't pay for it and the AF definitely wasn't going to pay for a golf course to be run by the Army. It's grown over and no longer with us. RIP :( The two Bragg courses are pretty terrible. I will never, ever, ever play them after checking them out. I stopped by and talked to one of their employees. I asked him how often they mow the grass. His answer: "whenever we get around to it". Nice.
  7. Wow, those are pretty awesome. I would love to pick up one of the bigger ones, but the cheapest one is only 39.99. That's pretty hard to pass up for that kind of quality. I just need to decide between one of these and the Accelerator Pro. That 9'x2' is pretty tempting too...Thanks! "9 ft. l ong x 16 inches wide, one cup, was $80. Now $39.99"
  8. I decided to start working on my putting after my round yesterday. I fell in love with a putter and picked it up immediately(Scotty California Monterey). I'm looking for a putting mat to practice at home on. Does anyone know of a good one that isn't too expensive. I was looking at the SKLZ Accelerator Pro, which is the second best seller on Amazon. Any ideas? Amazon Top Sellers: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers-Sports-Outdoors-Golf-Putting-Mats/zgbs/sporting-goods/3411381
  9. I think people just enjoy trolling on these forums. There are so many people that just post to insult others...I think I'm pretty much done here.
  10. My golf goals this year are to shoot in the single digits over par and to teach my little brother how to play. I shot a +12 yesterday so I'm getting there!
  11. So I recently picked up a set of G15 irons along with 52 and 58 vokeys. I have a Buner 2.0 driver that I LOVE. My 3-wood is just a titleist 975f 13.5 andy 5-wood is a Walmart club that I've had for about 8-9 years(no need to fix what you hit well right?). The g15 is a 4-pw set, which meant I was only carrying 13 clubs. I was really struggling with the decision of a 64 vokey or a 3 hybrid. I went out and played 18 yesterday. At the end of the front 9 I noticed a demo day going on at the driving range. I hit a 64 vokey and liked it, but I bladed a few shots. I walked to the ping tent and the gu
  12. I almost exclusively play the course at the Air Force base I'm stationed at and they just started allowing 5-somes. The only rule is that you have to finish 18 within 4 hours regardless of the group size.
  13. I had a somewhat similar situation. My high school buddy and I were on a left dogleg hole. I was just prior to the turn attempting to hook it around the bend. He was in the woods to the left searching for his ball. I took my time trying to set up correctly for my shot. I smacked the ball and immediately heard a loud thump. My buddy had walked right in front of me about 30 yards out. Luckily he was carrying his bag on the side by me, so my rocket hit his bag and fell right next to his feet. That's similar, but calling "fore" wouldn't have done any good. I have played in a tournament befo
  14. I've been using the free GolfLogix app on my iphone. It may not be as good as an actual GPS, but I can definitely see how that would make a large improvement. I pick up my G15's tomorrow afternoon, then I'm going to hit the range over the next couple days to get my distances for each club logged. An accurate GPS seems like it would make a big difference. I shot a +16 today. 17 Bogies and 1 Birdie. I was about a foot away from the pin...it would have been sad to lose that birdie haha. I'm pretty comfortable with full shots on the two vokeys. Is 6 degrees too much of a gap? My PW is 45 de
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