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  1. Handicap help for female

    You need slot more course experience to determine your true handicap, three is jus too small of a sample but jus keep playing!
  2. Slice with driver

    I changed my grip when I fixed it now I really had to slow down my swing but I still occasionally slice it bad

    Been a heat fan since 2003, also love the home town celtics, nothing better than watching dwade in attack mode. Never was much of a lebron fan till he came to Miami same goes or bosh but I wana see wade get a few more rings. I have a condo down jus outside of west palm beach but live in rhode island, may go to a finals game.
  4. hi, I'm pretty new here I have been looking around for a few months but I have been playing regularly about a year now. I shoot on average about mid 90s latley and im confident if I fix my driver I can take several strokes off. For the most part I hit my irons consistently, I have a natural slight fade with them but can hit a slight draw by keeping a square club face and slightly moving my feet alignment. My issue is with my driver, I occasionally can hit it sort of straight, either slight draw or slight fade but most of the time I have a what I believe a slice it starts out straight than slices right hard, sometimes in the rough sometimes the hole to the right fairway, wOuld this primarily be caused by club face issue or swing path... I am still trying to learn what causes ball flight laws but is taking some time to grasp, any tips or drills to try would be greatly appreciated.
  5. What kind of slice is this?

    I believe it's a push slice, and I have a serious problem with it starting straight and than hard right I'm trying to fix right now so I'm with you for a fix! Good luck to you also Some things I've been trying is to hover the club, make sure you have good alignment, and slowing down swing speed, you will lose distance but hopefully start going straight and can work back up to faster speed.