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  1. Yesterday my brothers girlfriend got him a new Taylormade SLDR for his birthday at the end of the month. The problem is we have a tournament the day after his birthday and he will be playing this weekend for the last time until the tournament. After the tournament, we wont play much for the rest of the year, if at all, because of scheduling. I am trying to convince her to give him the club early so he can get used to it, so he doesn't bomb on his swing with the new club and blame her. I want him to have time with the club before doing the tournament. Am I wrong on this one?
  2. I hope it works out too. My wife is super pissed that I am going to miss my first fathers day for the Open, but like you said, this is probably a once in a life time event for me. I am so excited to go and I have a meeting in Cheltenham on Monday, so i am starting my excuses early, just in case, lol.
  3. I could understand that.. However, if the 4-day pass people got in because they didnt get a full day somewhere, the days would be bumped or they would play the remainder of a round plus a full round in a day, so they could get it done one Sunday. If they offered up a 5th day purchase ticket, people would be more than upset for not being allowed to see an event they purchased tickets for a year ago, all the while, Joe "Doesnt play or watch golf" Anderno'one, goes to the final round, probably for a discounted rate on Monday, so the USGA can make more money off of us, lol. That one wouldnt work out too well for them. One article I read talked about how spectators, we watched a little over 3 hours of golf and then play was suspended and they were not reimbursed, were going up to the USGA presidents car at a gas station and voicing their complaints to him there. Could you imagine what the Philadelphia crowd would do? I mean, we threw battery laced snowballs at Santa.............Santa!!!!!
  4. I just saw this article as well. Hopefully you get most of your round in or none at all. Also, what about monday. If play is suspended on Sunday and picked up on Monday, who is allowed to go? If I cant go, because my ticket is only for Sunday, then the 4 day pass holders shouldnt be allowed to go, because it would be day 5 right? They need clearer rules.
  5. I have Sunday tickets. What happens if play is suspended. Do I still go on Sunday and only the people who have the 4 day pass are able to go on Monday? Not quite sure how it woks. If play is suspended on tomorrow (Thursday) and they go on Friday along with the rest of the people going on Friday, could you imagine how packed it will be. It should be fun. I have been looking forward to this for the entire year.
  6. I dont move my ball, unless it is GUR. If it isnt marked GUR, I will have someone I am playing with come and confirm it for me, so they dont think I am cheating. I dont even know what the 6" winter rule is. I play from the beginning of March until late November most years and have played when the greens are completely covered with snow and ice. During that round, we still putted, but if you hit the flag stick, we counted it as in, because the holes were under 6 inches of snow and ice. That was a fun round. We lost a lot of balls that day. I have a crap club in my bag, my old 5 iron, to get out of areas that are rocky or clay, so I dont break a club. I try to stick to the rules as much as possible, only breaking them unintentionally. If i do break a rule and someone lets me know about it, I take the appropriate penatly. After all, if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself.
  7. Wanna talk about animals on the course. My group and I were coming off of hole #10 and just turned around the hill to the tee box for #2 and all of a sudden, on the cart path about 150 yards in front of us was a Subaru. Yeah......I cant even make this up. There was a car driving down the cart path.....on the course.....in the middle of the day. WTF reasoning would make you think this was a good idea.
  8. dont make the post if you cant take the criticism. you brought the subject up and there is no other aspect of the game that involves the hole besides putting. so yes, i am pointing at your putting.
  9. with this mindset, why not get rid putting all together. from now on, when you hit it onto the green, you win the game and a gold star. The game is supposed to be hard. You cant make it easier just because you're not getting better.
  10. I can out drive the majority of people I play with. I can hit the hell out of the ball. I still shoot in the 90's though, because I end up in the rough or shank the ball, hit it fat or thin. I think I pressure myself after hitting a nice tee shot to hit an equally nice second shot. My putting isnt that bad. I will still three putt sometimes, but it is typically a two putt. Every now and then I get the dreaded 4 putt and want to break my putter and shove the sharp end though my face, but not often. I put a lot of pressure on myself on the greens, because, I used to be able to walk onto the green and feel how the green would react to the ball with my feet and see the line without bending down. I stopped doing that in favor of actually bending down to read the green. It hasnt worked so well for me. A long drive isnt that important to me. Even when I hit them 300+ yards, I still have between 50 and 150 yards to go. if I only hit it 200 yards I would still be getting there in 2 with my iron. Short game is way more important than the drive distance.
  11. I do the same thing. or I stomp the ball deeeeeeeeep into the ground, never to be found again.
  12. Lol. I seems to play behind them all the time too.
  13. my wife is not allowed to play around me. She is not allowed to play in the same group as me and is not allowed to play in front of me on the course. If she was allowed, we would have been divorced already. She doesnt understand that it isnt ok to stop and chat on the fairway or hit the ball 46 times while there are people waiting on the tee box. She can play all she wants, but I wont teacher her or help her. It leads to fights, lol. Lessons is the best way to go. Cheap clubs is also the best way to go. My brother has the same stance as me. The ladies used to play in front of us, so we could tell them to hurry up of they were too slow. That ended quickly. One time my brothers wife actually hit me with her ball while teeing off. I was on the green that was behind and to the left of her. So she hit the ball backwards to hit me in the inner thigh about an inch from my cubes. I had a giant welt and it was black and blue for weeks. did i mention it was about an inch from my cubes?
  14. most ripped does not mean strongest. i used to work with a body builder. the week prior to the competition he was ripped as hell but an 8 year old girl could have beaten him up. body fat is important. without fat, there is no storage of energy.
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