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  1. I want to be better than I was in 2018. I want to break 90 consistently
  2. I find that I do much better when I do not have a swing thought. It has taken me a long time to come to this. The last lesson I took, the pro said "just swing the club. If the ball gets in the way, fine." If it doesn't, it will next time.
  3. I just recently replaced my ancient Adams Golf wedges with Bombtech wedges. The awful thing is, it has been raining since they arrived.....😭
  4. I ordered a set of wedges from Bombtech. They arrived two days ago, and has been raining since 😓
  5. phedrick


  6. Water bottle filled with water in the winter, and ice and water in the summer. Also some sort of sweet to boost my carbs when I start to feel low.
  7. I have had a mixed bag. Adams golf irons and hybrids, ping putter, and Taylormade Drive and fairway wood. Two days ago I was fitted for a new set of Cleveland Launcher HB irons. I cant't wait until they arrive!
  8. When I first started playing, I jumped all around on the ball that I hit. Form the least expensive, to what I felt as the right ball for me. Currently I am hitting the Titleist Velocity, which I buy from online used ball vendors. When you buy in quantity, they are really not too badly priced.
  9. I typically buy mine from one of the online retailers who sell used balls. I just ordered 48 Titleist Velocity, with shipping, for less than $40.00. These are considered 'mint' condition. I have no complaints
  10. A set of Cleveland Launcher HB Irons. I had them fit, and they should arrive in about 10 days... can't wait!
  11. To golf better today then I did yesterday.
  12. Integrity does not come in measures; you either have it or you don ’ t
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