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  1. Too much golf? What is this silliness?
  2. I never really considered myself a hoarder, but recently my wife pointed out just how much space my 'necessary', but never used, golf equipment was taking up. Guilty as charged. I find it rather difficult to give up some of my old 'treasures', but practicality tells me to do so. Plus if I do sell off some of my old treasures, I can buy new treasures. LOL
  3. I just got back from a golf buddy trip to Pinehurst. One of the best times of my life! Played 5 coursed in 4 days. We are thinking to make this an annual event for us.
  4. I agree that a dress code is a good thing. For me, part of the enjoyment of golf is the ambiance. I cannot see the issue with wearing a collard shirt, to jeans, etc. I do tend to take a lot of kidding from my regular golf partners on how I dress on the course, but I would get kidding no matter what from that crew!
  5. For the first time EVER, I broke 80! So stoked.
  6. Why do you golf? What is it about golf that keeps you coming back? One of my regular golf partners is a psychiatrist. After a really bad shot off the tee I made, I said I need to make an appointment with you to find out why I seem to like torturing myself... After his less than stellar shot off the tee, he turned to me and said 'Like I would know'..... LOL
  7. Several years ago I bought some used clubs from my golf pro. Over the years I have been replacing my 'used' clubs with new, fitted ones. Today I went to a fitting at Dicks for a new Driver. I went in with two models in mind. The guy watched me fumble around for a while and then suggested a club I had not considered... AND IT WORKED! Mostly highly recommend going to a pro for a fitting; it is their job to fit you with a club that matches your game. I came away with a Callaway Epic Flash. It was a floor demo, so I got it at a good price as well.
  8. phedrick


    In April of 2019 I had my first EVER club fitting. For my birthday my wife bought me a set of irons, fitted my by golf pro. It made a world of difference; If I had been fitted years ago, I would be much better along. Anyway, at the time, she said (my wife), you need to golf more, Who was I to argue? LOL. Since that time I have attempted to buy a driver and fairway "off the rack"... massive mistake. My fairway needed replacing, so I wen to my local Pro and asked her what she thought. She knows me and my swing. She handed me three fairways. A good buddy of mine said I should try X brand
  9. The way I see it is,whatever your buddy does is OK. I have a tight group of friends, and we really enjoy each other's company. If someone does the odd kick to the fairway from the rough, no on cares. If someone calls a Mulligan, no one cares. We are just not in competition to each other. We do not play for money, we do not really compare scores (though we do share our scores and congratulate each other). We all just love golf for golf's sake... Just my opinion.
  10. For me it was when I was bragging to my buddies about how great my last round was, all due to my new clubs. I swagger up the the first tee..... and top it.....<sigh>
  11. I have been playing bridgestone e12 soft. I find that I do better with a softer ball, and do keep trying other soft balls.
  12. Yeah, 10 to 20 minutes for me as well. Starting with my wedges and working up to my driver, to loosen up and stretch the muscles. If I have time I will spend a few minutes on the putting green.
  13. My current handicap is 14.4. My 2020 goal is to reach 12. I would like to go single digit , but need to remain realistic. To achieve that I will need to play more than once a week.
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