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  1. The other day I was alone and behind three foursomes, and nobody behind me...by hole 5 I started to get frustrated so rather than get mad I'd hit then walk the woods/rough/trees on my way to my ball....I found 34 decent golf balls and had a blast.....and my kid loved it because I stocked his bag up again when I got home!
  2. I bought a thousand "corn" tees off ebay for $20 at the time I had no idea they would last the way they do I play a round and use 1 tee.....I give them away by the hand fulls and still have enough for the next three seasons
  3. When I was in my early 20s and was just beginning to learn the game, I duffed a drive 20 ft....got mad, pulled out my 3 wood and duffed it into the water. I got sooo angry and threw my three wood which in turn landed in the water. I stood there looking at the ripple of the water, feeling really stupid and walked off the course. I told myself I would never ever get mad on a course again. For 20 years I have played without a three wood in my bag as a reminder that getting mad at a game is a stupid thing. This year was the first year I have replaced it, (I figured 20 years was enough of a p
  4. I think the Detroit in Robocop looked better
  5. I played a round last week where I hit my 5 iron off the tee every time just to try and change up a fairly easy course. I shot my average for the course. Hitting off the tee comes down to where you leave yourself on the second shot, and how well you can hit that one so I say who cares...its drive for show and put for dough right? My brother in law pulled all his woods out of his bag and only hits a 3 iron off the tee and has been doing it that way for the past three years.... t
  6. This ^^^ is really how it all works as far as I'm concerned. When I'm playing for fun I'm still pretty strict with the rules but I do it FOR ME not anyone else. My buddies, I figure can govern themselves as they wish. Now...Skins time or tourney time...it ALL changes....but fun time I couldn't care less if you want to score, pick up, drop etc...just enjoy yourself. My best friend scores almost exactly the same as me when ever we play for fun, but states "when its for money you always out play me"....my answer is always the same "nah look at my score, you just play worse when its for money"
  7. My buddy and I golf a lot and the other day he asked if I'd mind if he brought his boy (13) along. I figured we were playing a local state course and It was just for fun so why not.... The kid hit his driver pretty good...sliced a little like a lot of us starting up but got it up in the air better than a lot of people can. His irons were pretty good too...no prodigy or anything but good for a kid who started last march... Then came his "60 degree that my Pop got me for Christmas". The kid hits the thing 45 yards every time and get this....back spin enough to back the ball up a couple of f
  8. I got mine around year 3....... Seriously.....I never took the game seriously until a few years ago but my first birdie took forever,
  9. Those prices are too good to be true and I trust nothing, nobody, nada, nuttin that looks too good to be true. Here is the information on the website....not that it helps much but..... Registrant: Samantha Slack 1540 Rhododendron Dr NW Rhododendron, GA 30102 United States Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com) Domain Name: GOLFCHEAPESTSALE.COM Created on: 09-May-12 Expires on: 09-May-13 Last Updated on: 09-May-12 Administrative Contact: Slack, Samantha emmablacking@hotmail.com 1540 Rhododendron Dr NW Rhododendron, G
  10. I know I should just put this in the "what did you shoot today" thread but I'm pretty excited and wanted to share. In my life I've shot 80 3 or 4 times and this year I've shot 82 - 84 several but tonight was my first time breaking 80. 38 front 39 back...woo hooooo! Sorry I'm just excited. The saddest part of the whole thing is, I know I left at least three strokes on the greens because I missed easy putts.
  11. TaylorMade 2011 Rescue 18,21,and 23.5 (#3,#4,#5) why?
  12. Wow! Congrats it is a feat a lot of us will never reach! Think I'll just go get mine in the morning haha
  13. Thanks guys...that is really exactly what I was looking for. I ordered three hybrids today so I can test them out and get and idea if I'm even going to like them and how I hit them....if not I'll order a replacement for my 3 iron and learn to use it properly lol. Thanks again for all the help
  14. We've all had holes like that..and many times too....However the thing is you actually carded the 9...I know too many people who wouldn't have because they "forget" strokes haha
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