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  1. mainly just wondering if trimming an extra 1/2" off the tip, and leaving the extra 1/2" on the butt end so the overall length remains the same. Seems it would make it stiffer.
  2. I play graphite shaft irons, +1/2" length, regular flex. The +1/2" length makes the regular flex feel even more flexible. How would trimming an extra 1/2" at the tip effect the flex? I would trim the butt end so that the clubs are still +1/2" over standard. Thanks!
  3. I've heard it's an amazing place - definitely should check it out soon.
  4. I've never had a club fitting . I'm interested in doing it with the launch monitor and everything. Anyone have any recommendations? I live just South of Ft. Worth, would travel anywhere in the DFW/FT. Worth area. thanks!
  5. I was looking at different clubs, iron sets, hybrids that you could order. Under shafts, the choices are L R X S - I assume that stands for the flex ladies, regular, stiff, x-stiff. But on iron sets, hybrids, etc there are choices like S R A, and F R L, and R/S. Anybody know what those mean? thanks
  6. Thanks to everyone. This is all extremely helpful!
  7. I'd like to learn to do some work on my clubs. Mainly, replacing my own grips, lengthening club shafts (1/2" - 1"), maybe eventually pulling and replacing shafts, etc. Anyone know of a good book/video to learn how to do this? thanks,
  8. melraid


    I agree. We all try buying a better game, with new equipment, but you have to practice. Make sure you are using the proper fundamentals, and then practice, practice, practice. mel
  9. I'd be afraid the ball would end up landing on my head with a 64 degree.
  10. Thanks for the information! I see several listed on eBay - look to be selling new ones in the 50-$70 range. Best I've found otherwise is $89+, so they are a bit high still - but I'm going to go ahead and get one. Best round - 68 Career Aces - 3 (aces are mostly dumb luck)
  11. I like the new VS Proto shafts in my Adams Hybrids. Does anyone know if they make a Proto shaft for use in a driver? Any thoughts on if Proto would be superior to the Aldila NV?
  12. I've been paying the ridiculously high price of NFL ticket for years, so I can watch my beloved Packers. What really burns my rear is that this year, if you want the High Definition broadcasts, you have to pay ANOTHER $100 on top of the $240 you are already paying! They're killing me!
  13. I've got over 1500 transactions on ebay (buying and selling - ebay id name also melraid). Anyway, in general ebay is great. I've never really had one problem with any of the transactions. You check out the seller's feedback - if it's not at least 99%, then move along. However, I hadn't realized the problem with fake clubs until very recently. I've been looking at Cleveland wedges, the new model RTG 588's. They are readily available at the $50 per club range. Retail at reputable online sites, Edwin Watts, etc, is around $99-$109 per wedge. I see the same people selling these sets, one after another. You have to wonder how they can be making money selling these clubs at 1/2 retail. You really have to wonder, how can they not be fakes at that price?
  14. I'm wondering if the Aldila NV shaft, which I had previously on my Taylormade R5 and really like, would be a better shaft than the factory installed Re Ax 60 that I have on my current driver - a Taylormade r7 460? thanks for your opinions!
  15. Maybe if you need to hit a shot backwards, over your head? Seriously, unless you are named Mickelson, I can't imagine needing a 64 in your bag. Personally, I had my 60 degree bent to 58 because I just popped up the 60 degree half the time.
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