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  1. 1 Last week first birdie on a par 4 Hope it's the first of many
  2. Par three ,130 yards , caught my tee shot fat , leaving ten yard chip , pond at the back and side with a sloping green , lovely chip landed rolled out curving round the slope , stopped on the very edge of the cup.
  3. Looking and sounding very nice . Well done
  4. santa brought me 52, 56 , 60 degree , low bounce wedges Loudmouth golf shorts Loudmouth belt Loudmouth Polo
  5. you need to be way way better than scratch to play on tour allthough , it didnt stop our own Ian Poulter from turning pro when he was off 4 and look at him now
  6. allthough there are over 3000 young ladies under 16 who play off scratch or better in Korea
  7. Looks like a nice par three , pleasing to my eye at least
  8. Hit mine 180 but it's 21 degree and it's me that hits it
  9. I just drop to my knees and cry , why ,why ,why ,why, why , "oh you moved your head" argggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh
  10. Nah , i love fixing em up as well , even other peoples
  11. What wrong with the number of your handicap telling us about your ability , its quite clear , words like hacker , player etc are just not needed as for your attitude and whether anyone wants to play with you , that can only be discovered on meeting you and playing with you
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