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  1. So wonder what the impact will be on his game after the equipment switch from Titleist to Nike. Though he mentions the below it must have some effect. His performance in Abu Dhabi is really not that surprising but how long will it take for him to get back up to speed or is this something that is going to detract from his game permanently. What thoughts do the forum have? Going to give the VR_S Covert a go on demo from golf redefined once it comes out next month. I want to try it myself. It looks like it is giving him extra distance along with the Nike b
  2. I think Willie that some people upgrade every year because having the latest equipment makes up for our human deficiencies. It is psychological too. And different drivers make up for different shortcomings.. I just wish I was a better golfer! That being said, within reason, I will still try and make sure my equipment is not holding me back...
  3. So I was out playing last week with some friends, one of whom is getting ready to purchase new clubs. By the way he was talking it seemed like he is really only considering his existing brand (Bridgestone) but without even considering any other brand. Yes - he will look at the upgraded models but the fact that he won't consider another brand makes me think that golfers are more brand loyal than normal. What do people think? Would you even consider looking at some of the less well advertised clubs?
  4. So how did you go about trying the three clubs? I mean I find it difficult to demo clubs properly. Interested to know whether you ended up buying the 3 clubs to try them out or by virtue of taking a lesson that your instructor had demo clubs you were able to use?
  5. So that was a fantastic first drive by Bubba...and the way he got the crowd hooping and hollering as he was stepping up to drive made it all the more special. I know it is "proper" and "etiquette" to keep quiet but it certainly adds something to the game to hear the cheering.... wonder if we will see more of that? What do people think?
  6. Interesting as I started doing this. On my practice swings it is easy to focus on a small spot but when I tried to do this in reality my eyes were never able to keep up. I tend to hit my drives with more feel than with a razor focus on a small spot... I have tried to do it but not so easy to actually make it happen!
  7. It has got to be called the R13 right! Even though 13 is an unlucky number and golfers - well we all know hus superstitious they can be :) I am guessing they will change the name somehow...even though it should be the name if they were to be consistent!
  8. Hello Fellow Golfers, Do any of you have any experience with the TGW.com mulligan playabilty guarantee. Thinking about it as a way of trying out a few drivers that I am thinking about purchasing. They don't offer it for the top range clubs but there are a few others that I would not mind trying and thinking this could be a way of doing it other than going to the various demo days etc. Particularly interested to know about the "fine" print to see if it is worth the hassle etc. Thanks
  9. NYC Mobey... always hard to get out of the city!
  10. looking forward to picking up the best advice and recommendations from my fellow golfers!
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