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  1. Not a lot Chautauqua Family Membership. $1,275
  2. Ok, When Troy comes down this winter i'll take a ride a-long.
  3. iacas, We can dig deeper into this topic next i'm a member @ Chautauqua.
  4. So to summarize i could not read all 20 posts, is this basically a pop stroke similar to brant snedeker?
  5. mlb12

    Edel Putter question

    Excellent, Thanks
  6. mlb12

    Edel Putter question

    iacas, I was talking to troy m today about these putters i tried his, will you have them to demo @ Chautauqua this year?
  7. mlb12

    Weight Lifting and Golf

    Outstanding, i changed my program i now focus on high rep less weight.
  8. Interesting video, something i noticed is Tya is only going to have a benefit if the basic fundamentals are used aim stance pace. Looking at this video his open stance line not consistent he's putting to fast and not making sure the line and aim is straight. jmo
  9. I'm in Chautauqua NY, i'm in need date & time
  10. The only changes i would have made was color choice. I would have made the Aim line in white and the alignment line in black so show some contrast , I emailed Dave and told him that overall it's a simple cost effective aid. What-ever helps me get the ball in the hole i'm good with....
  11. Will do, we've met i don't think you remember me @ the learning center, i was with Troy doing a lesson.
  12. Received mine last week, looks very clean and simple i will be putting it through the paces this winter. this might be my break through this season.
  13. mlb12

    Predict Your Handicap One Year From Now

    I will drop next year no doubt.Only playing weekends and i'm a 9 will get back to 4-5 per week next year with range time.
  14. mlb12

    What's In Your Bag?

    I'm back. Titleist 915D2 Aldila Rogue black stiff Titleist 913 f 15° Diamana stiff Titleist 913 f 19 Diamana stiff Titleist AP2 714 4-pw dg s300 Vokey sm5 56 m grind Vokey sm5 60 m grind putter odyssey 6m milled 34
  15. I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver. Jason Dufner -4 Greame McDowell -2 Adam Scott- E

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