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  1. I believe that if you understand the movements of the body and how he describes them you will understand how you should move "like the legends." I will say this about it, he sees movement for what it is and doesn't get caught up in a bunch of golf nonsense. When you look at a golf swing like that it is very liberating and you can find the root causes of your swing right off the bat. Before reading the articles ball speed with a 6 iron was 128-131, after working on it for a few months getting lateral bend and lordosis, or what he calls the "spine engine" my ball speed has jumped up 10 mph. After reviewing my swing I can still see where I need work. My release needs work, I'm a roller, and I know exactly what I need to fix in order to change to what he calls a drive/hold release. I think everyone should take a look at his articles. I know this won't be popular here but the more lateral motion you have the better chance you have to flip it. There is evidence to prove that.
  2. The one thing that I remember from all of the TOUR events that I've been to is how very few hit it "great." I remember listening to a lot of them hit shots that sounded like a regular 10 handicap shot. There were very few that impressed me on the range and even more so on the course. They are very good players (obviously) but they aren't as good as people make it sound. They hit some pretty bad shots. It lowered my expectations considerably after being to my first event and when I go back to more events I leave after an hour maybe because to be honest it's not that entertaining to watch them mishit a bunch of shots on the range. The only people I would follow are Bubba, Tiger, Woodland, and DJ. Those guys are impressive.
  3. His driving is terrible. He is shorter than he ever has been and more offline than he ever has been, obviously that isn't a very good combo. Remember back in 2000 when he had all of that hip speed and rotation in his golf swing and he hit it far and straight? Now he slides, slows his hips down and hits it short and crooked. Nice job Tiger. He has taken all of the athleticism out of his golf swing throughout his career and his ball striking has gotten worse and worse. It's hard to watch.
  4. Hey all, Don't post much here but play and work on my golf swing non stop like most of us here. I have a couple of questions about something I agree but would like more insight on. Is anyone familiar with Kelvin Miyahira and his ideas about the golf swing? He really breaks it down super in-depth and uses anatomical terms but he points out differences in golf swings on tour and why he states that to truly have an "elite" swing you have to do what he calls "micro-moves." If you haven't heard of him or would like to read more this is his blog. I'm interested to hear what you guys think. http://www.aroundhawaii.com/speed_training.html
  5. If you are looking for a swing to "mimic" per say, Gary Woodland's swing is powerful, accurate, and not a lot of "compensatory" movement.
  6. I was a member of RotarySwing.com for about 2 years. I implemented the swing and built it like the site said and went through the "program." I thought it was good. But as we all do, we try to learn more and his instruction over the course of 2 years became of a lesser quality than when I first joined. Now that I know what Alison has said I know why. It became more of an opinion and less about what the body is supposed to do. Before I read all of Alison's posts on CQ taking her stuff I stopped my membership. When he first "started" the Rotary Swing Tour his instruction was pretty good, but now it is very flawed. Just like any "method" you can choose camera angles, draw lines and show video to make your point. He didn't do this at first. Now it's all over his website. This isn't intended to be a RotarySwing bashing post, just what I have experienced and my review of it. In summary, I thought it WAS good, now just a bunch of thrown together swing thoughts, not a system.
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