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  1. Some of us enjoy playing the game and can improve by going out on the course. i already have one job and do not need the range to be a second one. i never learned how to punch out of trees effectively until i was under them several times. what may be good for you does not necessarily fit everyone else. my back can not take extensive time hitting balls or putting. Am i happy flirting with breaking 80? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!
  2. For me, the range is for nothing more than warming up. i have unlimited range time at my club, but not worth my time. I hit 8 iron, 5 wood, 3 hybrid and driver until i feel comfortable and then off to the putting green until it is time to tee off.
  3. meenman


  4. Thats why the cart girls or the young ladies behind the bar are always willing to drive me home.
  5. I stopped selling on ebay because the new scam is saying stuff is damaged when they receive it and then bitching up a storm when i say i need the product returned before refunding. They demand a refund without sending back. There is a huge problem on ebay with sellers not being able to leave negative feedback on buyers. Buyers can blackmail sellers because their is no recourse.
  6. First impression, as a long time frogger towel user - i was amazed how well this towel cleaned club grooves when used as prescribed - it is nice to not dirty up my bag with a wet towel
  7. I do need to drink on the course, it keeps the young ladies around delivering and makes everyone else a bit more interesting.
  8. OT - I always liked Lansbrook, have only played Northdale once - we have the same crappy owners as I am a member at River Hills. As far as driver and woods - the 3 + 5 woods got tossed once I moved up a set of tees, but hitting the driver on the upswing has greatly helped me.
  9. I always support the cart girls at the course. Even the old bastards tip the girl $1 for giving them ice for their water. If you cant afford it, i guess you shouldnt be drinking there. My $30/month f+b minimum is usually covered in the first round i play. Besides buying from these girls is the best way for me to recruit them as employees.
  10. This year I moved my group up to a bit less than 6000 yards from 6500. All of us are 20+ HCs and are having a lot more fun. Plus it gave us 20+ new guys to play with.
  11. Work yourself to death so an anchor can sit home and drain it all
  12. Driver Titleist 913 D2, 58 degree vokey - with the exception of my 2 niblicks, the rest of my bag is Callaway - the hybrids and 9 wood feel like cheating, love the x2 hot irons and odyssey is one of very few to make an arm lock putter. I was fit for the driver and Titleist has been excellent about replacing drivers when the screw snaps. Previously owned AP1s and my game improved once I moved on. Also tried the 2014 Big Bertha for a short time earlier this year while my driver was being replaced and it did not work out well for me.
  13. Not bought by me, but a gift that friend just brought back from Wisconsin..
  14. No matter how the bad the economy is, people always have money for drugs and drug related products.
  15. brady, belicheat and the rest of the patsies are nothing more than a bunch of criminals. The actions of the court will push the NFL into oblivion like soccer, the wwe and any other sport that 98% of us do not care about.
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