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  1. Is Long John toast?

    He is currently #182 on that list as we speak... #125 isn't all that far away. As was already said... he is only one or two decent showings away from keeping his card, just like every year. He's made half of his cuts this season, so it isn't like he is just showing up and stinking up the course.
  2. Is Long John toast?

    In all fairness, he did win $250,000 on tour last year in winnings. If I could play like he does with his lifestyle and still make a quarter-million playing golf... I don't think I'd be in college right now...
  3. How much did all your gear cost?

    I am starting to appreciate my clubs more and more the longer this thread goes...
  4. Memphis back to #1

    Yeah, but if you are a Memphis fan, you also know that Dorsey is actually just a little nutty at times. And I mean that literally. He has actually hid under tables in the locker room to avoid reporters (last year during the NCAA tournament). I'm not saying that you aren't right about him getting high on himself sometimes... I'm just saying you kind of have to take everything he does with the understanding that he might not be thinking at the time he does/says it. But I think after he said it, even Dorsey knew bad-mouthing Oden was a bad idea. When asked about it even Calipari responded, "Joey called him out?! What did he say?!" Calipari even went on to say that, "I actually think Dorsey knows he's about to play the best big man in the country and is excited about it." Everyone slips-up and says stupid things sometimes, but coach C is usually pretty good about making his players act appropriately... and if they don't he is quick to give them a dose of act-right
  5. Iron shafts...ugh

    Just for reference about the length of Golfsmith shafts. When you buy a shaft from Golfsmith they use a program that has all the shafts that will work for the head you have. All the shafts come in a pre-cut length that are then cut to fit. I'm 99% sure you wouldn't have to worry about buying a longer shaft... I think they can just not cut them down so far. Then again I've only talked to the guy about it, I've never actually cut a shaft before... so wait for someone to either verify or correct me
  6. How much did all your gear cost?

    Hey you use those too I get looked at so funny sometimes when I pull one out of my pocket.
  7. St. Pat's Day...

    I still appreciate you signing it But as for the holiday, it is celebrated in so many cities (even with parades) that it only makes sense to make it an official holiday. Remember, Christmas usually falls in the middle of the week too The days for the holiday will always shift by a day every year (or two on leap year), so you only actually have 3 years out of 7 that you have mid-week dates. (I'd take a Friday or Monday holiday any day) That's just part of the problem of setting a holiday to a date instead of a day, I guess. Anyways, thanks again for signing it, Master and everyone! Keep the sigs coming and remember to tell people at work tomorrow!
  8. How much did all your gear cost?

    Everything I have was donated to me by a fellow from Edwin Watts Golf... Full Titleist DTR Irons/Wedges: Free TaylorMade System2 Driver: Free TaylorMade Metalwood 23*: Free Rawlings Putter: Free And I even get to golf for free at a local 9-hole course. I plan on buying a new putter and driver soon though, so it won't be free for long
  9. Memphis back to #1

    Here's a few things about ND.... First off, they are 2-4 against ranked teams this year, and those two wins were against Villanova and Marquette. And I think you need to look at Memphis' and ND's schedules one more time. Here, I'll make it easy for you... http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/teams/schedule?teamId=235 : Tigers... http://sports.espn.go.com/ncb/teams/schedule?teamId=87 : ND. ND has only played one ranked team at home this year... one. I'm not sure how you place a shorter streak that was easier to accomplish above ours... it's beyond me. We went undeafeted at home for more than a season and a half, just to put it in perspective. As for Vandy... when they actually win something, we will talk about Vandy... how 'bout that. (I'm not bagging on Vandy... but you can't even compare Vandy and Memphis) As for over-rated... when every poll in the country has you as #1, that isn't being over-rated. Some people who don't like us may call us over-rated, but then again... who cares. We win championships, set records, and almost every year we are in the same place... Heading into the NCAA tournament while others watch us on T.V. and hope their team does better next year. People only tend to hate the best...
  10. Try it out and see what you think. If nothing else, it doesn't cost that much (relatively speaking) to stick a new shaft into the driver head you like.
  11. How good is the average casual golfer?

    The best I've ever shot was a 104 on a par 72... I'm close!
  12. Memphis back to #1

    You: I agree with that 100%. Just a few more facts to prove that Vandy is a good team and beat anyone in C-USA, even Memphis. They are 18-0 at home this year, and have won 31 of the last 32 at home. Nine times has the #1 team in the country come into Nashville and 6 have gone away very disappointed, including the national champion Florida Gators last year. ---------------------------------------- When I responded, it wasn't just to you in particular... your post just happened to have the most relevant points that connected to what I typed... so instead of quoting and responding to different sentences from 2 or 3 different people, I just quoted yours and went from there. As for the winning streak... until someone beats it, it is doing very well. Are you seriously insinuating that a statistic like the one we put up has lost credibility just because the streak ended? By your thinking, Tiger Woods' #1 in the world streak means nothing because, well, it ended. Not very good sense you are using there. And I wouldn't have even responded to you about Vandy if you hadn't said, "Just a few more facts to prove that Vandy is a good team and beat anyone in C-USA, even Memphis." I'm not bashing on Vandy, they at least made it to the 16 in 2007 and 2004, so they have done something... But you said, as quoted, that Vandy could beat Memphis. I don't think so boss.
  13. Your opinion of Clone Clubs

    The OP of this thread just convinced me to go buy some iron covers...
  14. St. Pat's Day...

    OK, so I thought about posting this in The Grill Room, but then I thought about it... What is more golf related than a holiday where we get off of work to go to the course, drink a beer, and play some golf. Wait... get off of work? Hopefully... Guinness needs 1 million people to sign their petition to get a St. Patrick's Day bill sent to Congress to try and make it a federal holiday. http://www.proposition317.com/stpats.html We need to get this crackin'... so tomorrow since you have the day off, tell a friend or two to sign it. When you go to work Monday, tell some co-workers. Tell them to pass the word on too. C'mon peoples! Let's get this passed!
  15. How good is the average casual golfer?

    I would assume if you are looking for the average handicap of all golfers, it would probably fall between scratch and 15. I have no proof of this so I'm not trying to tell you it's true... but the people that play on municipal courses in Memphis only account for a relatively small % of the total golfers in my area. Alot more own houses on private courses or have club memberships around here. Based on my area, I would say that over half of all the golfers I see on municipals shoot better than a 20 handicap. I am also assuming that people who pay to play at one of Memphis' ungodly expensive clubs are, on average, better than the group of people I see playing municipals. Going on all my assumptions, that is why I say the average handicap is between 0-15. (Assumptions are bad... mmm'kay.)