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  1. You're correct, MS256. During practice, my chipping isn't that bad, getting about 70% of my shots within 10 feet (from 20-40 yards). On course however, that percentage drops to about 10%!!! The rest, I usually miss completely, ending up in the bunker, leaving it 10 yards (30 feet) short or over-shooting the green.
  2. Details are important, I agree, so here comes: So far, chip-ins have only occurred during practice, never on course. Got very close a few times, only for the ball to roll out 5 yards or more, leaving me with +15 feet again! Even (and especially) if my approach-shot is from within 40-50 yards, I usually mess it up (the stress??), hitting the green at 20 feet or more from the hole (very common for me). What do you call close range? For me, that's at least within 9 feet, if not 6. Having a first put from within 9 feet is vary rare for me. When I do have a short f
  3. " And your answer to the 1.88 versus 1.5 question I posed makes my point quite nicely. Total putts is a terrible metric to gauge putting ability." Total putts in itself (without extra information) doesn't mean much, I agree. But since I mentioned at several occasions that the vast majority of my first putts is played from outside 15 feet, I believe that THE 1.88 I TALK ABOUT does have meaning,
  4. they seem to think I average 17 putts, no matter the distance, but that's not what I said! When I have a reasonable number of first putts from within 9 feet, I'll rather have 14 putts on 9 holes.
  5. Indeed, and since most of my first putts are played from much farther than 10 feet (it's closer to 20 feet!), that's why I said averaging 17 putts on 9 holes under these circumstances isn't bad at all for a beginner, but some people disagree with that!
  6. I mean that, when a beginner has to play his first put from +10 feet, he/she will not make that first putt very often, maybe 1/10 or something like that, unless the green is perfectly flat (which doesn't happen often either). IMO, holing putts from +10 feet on a regular base (40% or more) on greens that aren't perfectly flat, means you're definitely no beginner!
  7. That would indeed be a good putter, but certainly no beginner! I don't see many "beginners" putting from outside 10 feet on a regular base (let's say 40% ??), unless it's on a perfectly flat green or mat, and my local course doesn't have many of those.
  8. This is definitely not the case. I just don't agree with it (I do believe I have that right!). When the rest of my game is crap, my putting does not get better because of "shorter distances to the hole". When I really manage to get shorter distances to the hole, I putt around 14 per round of 9 holes, not the average of 17. The average of 17 is shot when my average distance to the hole (upon landing on the green) is more like 20 feet. Like today, I had another crappy round where both my irons and chipping were bad, and my shortest distance to the hole was 15 feet (up to 35).
  9. Easy, 1.88 from an average distance of 40 feet, there is your meaning.
  10. After extensive research on the internet, I think I found what's wrong with my hand and just want to share it with others, maybe it can help some other people. I'll be going to an orthopedic surgeon today to have it checked decently. When hitting deep into the range mat 3 months ago, I probably injured 1 of the tendons at the wrist, one that covers the 5 little bones (like the hamate-bone). This tendon injury (or even braking the hamate-bone) is a very common injury for golfers (who hit hard into the mat/ground!). Medication took away the initial pain, but because it wasn't t
  11. OK, thanks! I recently heard someone say 30C is almost 100F, so..... Big difference though! Yeah, me too, I prefer a little cooler, but you get used to it. Just need to have a little towel with you to get rid of all the sweat and be sure to drink enough!
  12. Well, I must say, having strong wind (+25 mph) and rain during day-time, is rather exceptional here in the north of Thailand! Only July through September have some increased chance for strong winds and day-time rain, but rarely before noon. Thailand is a pretty great country to play golf, especially the north, because of the climate: day temperatures rarely drop below 28 degrees Celsius (94 F?), except in December and January, so you can play all year round! Just got to get used to the heat and make sure you drink enough (which I tend to forget).
  13. By reasoning that way, you can prove whatever you want, even completely opposite things! A putting average of 1.88, or 1.5 DOES mean something: it shows that you do have "some" putting abilities, or your averages (talking about a beginner here!) would be much higher, no matter how good or bad the rest of your game is. NEEDING to putt better than 1.88/hole in order to get a good final result, because the rest of your game sucked, does not mean that the average of 1.88 putts/hole is meaningless. When the majority of your first putts come from outside 15 feet, that means your ap
  14. Unless you think I'm blind as well, but then I wouldn't be putting at 1.88, would I?
  15. The OP also sees other golfers play the ball much faster than he does, entering the hole the same way, and they do not jump back out of the hole or lip out! I may be stupid, but I can still see when 1 ball rolls faster than the other one and whether or not they enter the hole the same way!
  16. Not at all! Part of the rainy season is low season for tourists. However, rainy season doesn't mean that it's raining every day, or all day long. It really depends where you're located in Thailand. Places like Phuket (south) will have rain almost every day, but in the early rainy season, the rain will usually start in the evening. I live in the north (Chiang Mai), where at this moment, we hardly have any rain, and when it does rain, it's usually during the night! Just today, we had a little rain storm in the afternoon, which lasted only half an hour! I was at the dr
  17. Yeah, having time to practice is great, but the only reason I have so much time, is because I have no work at the moment! Being a tour-guide in Thailand, I'm strongly depending on high and low season. During the high season, I usually can't do anything for 2 or 3 straight months!
  18. Hi Guys, I'm hoping for some injury-advise here. I'm a right handed player, and bout 3 months ago, I started having pain in the back of my left hand, more or less in the middle, but spreading out to the pink. This probably happened after hitting into the mat a few times, at the driving range. There was never a swelling in the hand. I wasn't playing much at that period (maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks), but even those resting periods didn't stop the pain. The pain is not constant, but appears whenever I need to use the hand for specific efforts, like lifting the club
  19. Thanks MS256, this explains a lot! After speaking with some members of the club, I realize now that this course is really at the bottom of the quality ladder and most serious golfers wouldn't even consider playing here (so I was told). The holes are sometimes changed, but not often and certainly not twice a week. When they do change them, they just fill the old hole with sand! you can actually see the yellow sand-circles where the old holes used to be. Thanks Fourputt, I think you're right! If I keep on practicing, I guess more balls will drop instead of lipping out.
  20. Off course, thanks France46! Good contact, making the ball go straight and a fair distance, but because I changed the position of my left foot just before hitting, I changed my target line without realizing.
  21. Hit the ball the right way, and it will go wherever you want! Golf is so simple!
  22. I see many people describing what's in their bag, so here's what's in mine: Driver: Callaway I-mix FT-9 9.5 degrees shaft needs to be changed, too flexible and too much torque for my swing-speed. Irons: True Temper aluminium rocket, + 45 years old, blades, only using 3, 4 and 8, corresponding to today's 5, 6 and 10-iron 9 and 7-iron are more recent with graphite shaft, blades, brand unknown all second hand Sw/Pw: True Temper aluminium rocket, + 45 years old Putter: Willson, new The True Temper set came with a 1-wood and 3-wood, but a
  23. Thanks guys! Great advise! This is exactly the kind of reaction I expect from more experienced fellow golfers trying to help each other out!
  24. I think something similar is going on at certain holes of my local course. When I stroke my hand over the grass surrounding the hole, I can sometimes feel a kind of bobble at the edge of the hole. Thanks for this explanation. I'll have to practice more on my aiming.
  25. Thanks a lot for your comment! I appreciate it! !7 being better than average for a beginner, is all I was trying to say! Yesterday, Sunday, I played the monthly club tournament, 18 holes for the very first time. I was due to T-off at 13:00 and went early so I could have a good warm-up at the range. BAD SURPRISE: THE RANGE WAS CLOSED BECAUSE IT WAS SUNDAY! What idiot closes the range at a competition day????? Since I really need this warm-up in order to get the necessary confidence in my swing, the result was catastrophic. I shot 127 for the 18 holes,
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