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  1. my first 9-hole, played alone, 89 on a par 36. kept on topping and shanking every single shot, whereas at the driving range I almost never shanked! this happened to me every time I went on the course, for at least the 10 first rounds, drove me crazy, but I don't like quitting.
  2. a little later than expected, but here are some new results regarding my 7-iron. still using my own, 45 year old, 7-iron, which is basically a modern days 9-iron, I'm now hitting it up to 155 yards with a high trajectory. I'm trying to get the trajectory lower, hoping for a little more distance. Realizing that this is in fact a 9-iron with a rather heavy aluminium shaft (130 gram), logically a real 7-iron should give me about 30 yards more, right? That would be 185 yards. Add to that a modern shaft that weighs 30 - 40 grams lighter, theoretically resulting in high
  3. Thanks for the reaction MS256! I just saw some track-man stats, showing that, in order to hit a 7-iron 200 yards, you'd need a 130 mph swing. if de-lofted to 6-iron, you'd need 125 mph. assuming that your driver usually goes 25% faster than your 6-iron, that would give you a 156 mph swing-speed, all things being equal! This seems ridiculously high, but the distance I shot 1 year ago, was reported to me by other people, since I couldn't see the ball myself! Also, after watching a video, I just discovered that my swing from that moment seems to be the exact same swing u
  4. Hi everyone, I'd like to ask those who have some real technical golf knowledge to look into the following and tell me if my assumptions are correct. I'm a beginner, playing with a second hand set (except for the driver and the putter). My irons have aluminium shafts and probably date from the late 60's to early 70's. Today I learned that the weight of the iron-shafts is about 130 grams. Today's graphite iron shafts often weigh about 90 grams or even less. I found information on the net, saying that a weight loss of 20 grams (in the shaft), could generate extra
  5. 105 mph, +5 angle of attack gives you 274 yds of carry with a 10 degree driver, that's correct. add to that a spin rate of only 2070 and a firm FW, and you're likely to pass 30 yds of roll. ergo, +300 yds total distance. CLUBHEAD SPEED (MPH) ANGLE OF ATTACK (DEGREES) BALL SPEED (MPH)
  6. Hi guys, here's a question regarding the T-off (use of driver). in order to help yourself to get an optimal impact, are you allowed to place your marker at T-off (as a point of focus)? Thanks for the answers!
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone have any idea how much distance is lost (in %) by topping the ball, compared to hitting the sweet spot? I realize this will depend on various factors, so let's say the ball still goes up, but clearly lower than when hitting the sweet spot. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. Quote Originally Posted by tuffluck I drive 260-285y every time and yet I only hit a 7 iron 160 at the longest, sometimes a little shorter. My 4 iron is only good for about 185. My buddy drives as far as I do, but hits a PW 150. I just don't get it. Am I hitting my irons proportionally to my drives? If not, then why? with those numbers and a 20 handicap, you concern should not be distance, but accuracy! focus on what really matters. you could be playing scratch with 20 yards less on both your 7i and driver!
  9. Looking at all these numbers ( drive 290, 7i 180,...), I would think most of you were playing scratch or better. however, when I look at the handicaps, most are 12 till 20. something wrong in this picture? Looks like most players have a serious problem about accuracy. Simply avoiding bunkers and the water isn't that hard if you have a minimal accuracy (which should be your first and primal concern when learning golf). With the distances mentioned above, this should make virtually any of you guys a scratch player! I've been learning on my own for only a few doze
  10. I think many golfers don't experiment enough with possibilities "outside the box". they try to improve with techniques that are difficult to master for most people, or they simply keep on hitting balls without truly analyzing what they might be doing wrong. as for myself, I've only recently started practicing my driver (teaching myself, the same way you did) and am unable to practice on a regular base, which makes it too early to really say anything about it. However, I tend to analyze and experiment a lot, and I have good hopes that soon I will reach a decent average.
  11. No, my 7-iron is now between 150 and 170 WHEN I HIT IT WELL !!! this is with a steel shafted club of probably more than 20 years old. 5 months ago, on holiday in Phuket, I was briefly hitting over 200, with a GRAPHITE 7-iron which I rented, because I didn't have my own clubs with me. Since it happened regularly that I only saw my balls leaving and immediately lost sight of them (they left straight), I decided to bring my girlfriend along to see if she could tell me where the balls were going. She told me my balls (the ones I lost sight of) were landing over
  12. 1 thing that might explain the distances I got 5 months back, is that I'm very flexible (used to do gymnastics) and was turning my upper body further back than I'm doing right now. at the end of my follow through, my right foot was extremely turned, standing on the tip of my big toe. funny I didn't see that earlier, maybe that's partly responsible for my much weaker shots now.
  13. I realize this distance seems unbelievable, and so it was to me! I even brought my girlfriend to the range because I didn't see where my balls were going (except from going straight)! It was she who told me my balls were landing past the indication of 200 yds. I had my doubts about the precision of the indications, but than again, my dept-sight is not very good. the loft on my driver is 10.5 and the shaft is a flexible one. I was never able to reproduce these distances after I was unable to practice for about 3 months. still trying to find that "touch" again
  14. lots of useful information, thanks guys. my irons are steel shafted and probably 20 years old or more, bought them second hand, the club head shows some kind of signature "Lord Byron" and the brand name is "Northwestern". I contacted the company in an attempt to find out their real age, but no response. as for my distances: they are rather irregular because I don't have the time to practice on a regular base. 5 months ago, I was able to practice 9 times in 12 days (only 7-iron) and was shooting up to 220 yds with a rented graphite 7-iron! after that, I was unable
  15. ok, I was indeed thinking about a wooden or metal T. thanks for the information
  16. I tend to hit the ball rather high. when I hit my 7-iron well, it usually reaches 150-170 yds, going quite high.
  17. Hi everyone, my knowledge of golf-rules is rather limited, so this might seem a stupid question to some of you. I'd like to know if there is any rule that FORBIDS the use of any device (even a very small one) that would help you to ensure a correct set-up (feet-positioning, distance to the ball, etc.) Thanks for the input.
  18. No idea how long my driver is. does it show somewhere on the driver? I bought it about 2 months ago, it's a Callaway Diabolo. I bought it cheap (130$, new) because they don't manufacture it anymore (old model). I figured any driver should give you about 240-250 when hit solid (I'm a beginner). As you said, I can't be really sure I hit the sweet spot, but most hits (65%) feel good and sound good. when it feels good, the distance is usually 180-220 yds. Thanks for the input.
  19. I use the same single plane swing the late Moe Norman did, and my drives are usually pretty straight. I have only 1 problem: they are also relatively short (despite having a solid impact), rarely passing 200 yds (240 today, most ever so far). Any tips on what may be the cause and how to solve it? Thanks
  20. I play at a small 9 hole course where there are no formal indications for OB. several of the holes however, lay side by side, separated only by a range of trees. if my ball ends up on the fairway of the other hole, does that make my ball OB?
  21. Hi guys, I'd like to know if certain brands/types of golf balls can really have a positive effect on the distances you usually hit, and if so, which brand/type and how much farther? your experiences please!
  22. Am I happy to live in Thailand! on most courses here, using a caddy is mandatory unless you're a club-member. tipping is also mandatory and depending on the quality of the course (low/high green fee) the minimum amount will mostly vary from 150 bath (5$) to about 600 Bath (20$) for 18 holes. I play on a small 9-hole course at Chiang mai, +2900yds., very nice for beginners (some water hazards and plenty of bunkers, lots of trees), but not a very high level (course rating 67.7) green fee = 7$ for 9 holes (200 Bath) + 3$ caddy fee, 18 holes is about 500 Bath (17$
  23. Wouldn't it be more correct to ask: How many hours of practice did it take you (off-course) before breaking 100/90/80... and did you take any lessons? The answer to that would give a more realistic view on peoples performances. After all, someone who practices only 2 hours a month will usually take much longer than someone practicing 2 hours a day (and getting lessons 3 times a week!).
  24. My routine: as a warm-up (or just before playing a round), I simply play about 20 balls from +15 feet, and 20 from about 6-7 feet, just to get a feeling for the speed of the greens. I suppose straight lines (no break) up-and down-hill are no problem for you? when it comes to breaks, I like to keep it simple. looking at the slope, I try to determinate where (specific place) and how much the ball will break when it loses 50% or more from it's original speed (to consequently drop in the hole off course). this depends on slope percentage, but also on the way the grass ben
  25. having started just recently, I can only speak for myself. my major problem on the course was not my putting, but my long game. i constantly failed to transfer my accuracy from the driving range to the course, and because of that, my first 15 rounds gave me ridiculous scores between 130 and 180! on the range, less than 15% of all my strokes (driver+irons) resulted in topping, fatting, slicing or hooking. on the course however, it was the complete opposite (less than 10% accuracy)! once I realized what I was doing wrong and managed to reach (only) 70% of my range accurac
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