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  1. Finally! being a real beginner (6 weeks of practice, spread over more than 2 years), I've been having a very big problem transferring my positive results from the range to the course. Whenever I got on the course, it seemed like I was holding my clubs for the very first time in my life! Till now, my best round was 126 (while cheating a lot). Now, 3 days ago, I finally found what I was doing wrong on the course (several things in fact) and managed to transfer at least a part of my range results to the course. Result: a round of 106 (hardly any cheating) it sho
  2. Hi Strike, that's a point well taken. I realize it's gonna be much more difficult to get under 80 than it is to get under 100. However, my hope remains indestructable! LOL I'm practicing on all the different aspects of the games, and my results, so far, lead me to believe that "I COULD" become a scratch player quite quickly (3-4 months?) provided I can practice on a regular base (which is not the case at this moment, but I'm working on that), especially now that I've discovered what was keeping me from transferring my practice results to the course. for example,
  3. Hi Moonnerd, thx for this reaction, I find it very useful. I also believe I need to start playing more and look for the nasty courses, as you suggest. Even though I've only been practicing an extremely short time, I dare to say my short game is relatively good. My biggest problem (on the course) is hitting my driver and irons the way I hit them at the driving range. Till recently, whenever I played the course, it seemed like I'd never had a club in my hands! My shots went all over the place, except where (and how) they needed to go! Today, for the first time, it sta
  4. Hi guys, sorry for my long absence and thanks for all the reactions and opinions, I truly appreciate it. to react on some of them: yes, I am out of touch with the realities of golf, for the simple reason that I am ABSOLUTELY NEW when it comes to golf in general (not only playing it!). for example: I didn't even realise that there were actually different tours and that the PGA is just 1 of them (together with the European tour undoubtedly the highest level). Since I live in Thailand, I don't even think about reaching the PGA, just local, asian tournaments. A side from
  5. for someone who's only been practicing for about 4 months (16 months of inactivity between month 3 and month 4), I do indeed believe that a MAXIMUM deviation of 10 yds (average is under 5 yds) to either side is not bad at all ! try to remember where your shots ended up back when you just started hitting a club !
  6. well yes, I've only played 5 times on a course, but as you can read in my earlier messages, my expectations are based upon my practice-results on the driving range, not on my first few attempts on the course! I gues that's the difference between europeans and americans : I spend 95% of my time on the driving range instead of the course (for now), focussing on developping a good routine, high accuracy, mastering the different clubs and getting aware of both my strong as my weak points. every single time I go to the driving range, I note down my exact results and keep statistics in order
  7. honestly, apart from the top 50 or so in the PGA, I dont believe that the PGA-players form the absolute top 200 or 300 in the world. I am quite certain that there are hundreds of people out there who would be able to play in the PGA, but for a variety of reasons, they don't : no desire, no time (to intensify practice), no money to waist, believing the're not able to,..... therefore, joining the so-called "top 200-300 in the world" is less surrealistic then it seems (for a serious, talented and dedicated player that is) Many years ago, I decided to join a local bowling-clu
  8. try focussing on your horizontal rotation and hitting the ball correctly. don't think about clubspeed and power. the rest will follow automatically.
  9. you can't compare that. once you pass a certain age (about 30), it becomes fysically impossible to reach a certain speed/coordination in your fingers which is absolutely necessary to play any instrument at a high level. (I play the piano, violin and bagpipe, I know what I'm talking about!) this isn't the case for golf! As long as you remain in good fysical condition, have enough talent and the right approach (training/teaching), any person up untill 55-60 years old is theoretically able to become a scratch player or even better (on a "normal course"), because the required
  10. when using the same ball position on turf as on tee, I tend to top the ball. therefore I'd say to play the ball more backwords.
  11. Hi everybody, thanks a lot for all your reactions. Let me just clarify a few points : I don't dream about acually winning real PGA tournaments or beating players like Mickelson or Schwarzel. I just believe it's not entirely impossible to actually join the tour and maybe have a few top 20 or top 40 finishes, even when starting at my age and without having to practice for 10 or 15 years before being able to shoot under par and join the tour. When I analyse my own progress on the driving range in just a few months time (not yet transferred to the course, I admit!),
  12. Hi everyone, I'd like to know if there can be a real difference in distance, depending on the brand/type of club and golf ball that you use. And if so, how much can that difference be? It seems to be rather difficult to find accurate information on the internet about this. Thanks for your reactions!
  13. Hi Sandy, I'm 39 and I've only just started to learn the game. Personally, I believe it is not impossible to become a pro while starting at a later age, but it depends on many factors : individual talent, the speed at which you're able to learn and adapt, the amount of time and effort you put into it,..... It is said that young people learn easier then older people, but that's not always true. Since an adult usually has more strength and a better understanding of certain things, it might actually be an advantage to start at a later age. A good physical health/sh
  14. too old to be able to play under par, maybe even play real money tournaments or turn pro?
  15. Hi everyone, I'm 39 years old and started learning the game very recently. I've always been good at technical sports and I'm in good fysical shape. despite my age and the fact that I'm basically teaching myself how to play (video-instructions, research on the internet), I have the feeling I'm advancing rather quickly (I do intend to contact a pro-teacher though, but living in thailand where many people dont speak decent english doesn't make it easy). My first few real games (I've only played 5 so far) were very disappointing in the sense that I seemed to be unable to transfe
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