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  1. Thanks to all you guys. I've noticed that PGA 'eventually' gets the payout up. Today must have been quicker, although I had just checked it when I posted. That was what added to my frustration. The espn link is one I didn't get when I googled for payouts. I'm really surprised the golf channel website doesn't get these numbers up.
  2. Tour golf is measured in money earned, yet the major websites seem to either not be interested in payout results, or prefer to keep it secret for as long as possible. Does anyone know of a site that breaks down the payouts for the current tournaments? I am always interested in seeing how PGA money compares to LPGA and Web, or Symetra and how fast the dollars drop off after 3rd or 4th place.
  3. Q-School is one of my favorite tournaments to watch.There is a lot of excitement during the year watching the best guys compete. But, when one of the top tier pros doesn't win, he still goes home with a couple hundred grand and sponsors in tact. For these guys it's all one the line to see if the dream may start coming true. In the past I've been lured to Boo Weekly, Kevin Na, Anthony Kim and Zack Miller. Someone will maybe catch my attention this year as it unfolds. But, for now the one I'm pulling for is David Duval. I want to see him back on top. I'd LOOOVE IT if he made next year's Ryder Cu
  4. We have a few big fundraiser scrambles a year that donate to good causes. If I make it two a couple of them it is never with the same group. But, there is one gang of four that cards a net 54, or 55 every time and wins all sorts of junk like long drive and closest to the hole. They are driving the participation down.
  5. The field is really strong. It looks a lot like a tour event. It's amazing to think that these are the guys who can't make the first cut by being in the top 125. It goes to show how hard it is to compete out there.
  6. Thanks for digging that up. I don't know why I couldn't find it. I was looking for three guys I follow: D. Duval, J. Gore and California kid Zack Miller who was a non returning rookie on tour this year. All are in the final, so I'll be watching.
  7. Here we are ten days away from the 2011 PGA Tour Q-School and I can't find a single article about what's going on, who's in the field what happened at stage three ... nothing on the PGA Tour website, nothing on TheGolfChannel website. I don't get it.
  8. As I said earlier; I am in favor of anything that provides confidence. If interpreting yardage from course markings is not sufficient, then I won't argue whether the money spent on a range finder is justifiable.
  9. And I agree with you and your pro. Anything in this game that gives you confidence and aids concentration is a good thing. That said: Given the inconsistency of my game, the only way a range finder would help is if I carry it in my left pocket and it helps me get my weight transferred to my left side.
  10. That brings me back to what our pro said when asked about rangefinders during a clinic. --- "If you can put a bath towel on the range at 165 and hit it consistently with a couple of different clubs, you're ready for a range finder." His unmentioned follow up was probably going to say - if you can't hit the towel, maybe some lessons would be a better use of your money-
  11. If a teenager can get a few hundred grand in endorsements and just put it in a fund and forget it they could go back to school, get on with their life and be very well set someday.
  12. In June we have to endure the torture of listening to Berman's insipid comments during the US Open because of his ESPN contract. Gary "rum and" Koch, Davis "where is the" Love, Aron "Badds to the Bone", ... give me a break.
  13. Some people are talking about it on the Golf Channel discussion board and I was wondering if it's out or if they saw it at shows. Comments are positive.
  14. Wondering if any has had a chance to swing the thing?
  15. There is no scorecard on your website, but my former neighbors who moed ther told me the slope is around 148 and PNGA refuses to have tournaments there because it plays so tough. I play to an 11 up here which sounds like it would be 16 - 17 down there. Oddly though, on tough courses like that I tend to lay up a lot and sometimes score close to normal.
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