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  1. I've been Playing Golf for: 9 months My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: driver- mid/high, slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I need more distance. My current drive is 225-230 carry. I also rarely hook the ball. Videos:
  2. How's it looking? I'll get some more videos tomorrow. This is my 8 iron, thats why I'm playing it in the middle
  3. i ended up not putting it on with water activated tape. once i got home, I used my solvent and solvent tape and it slid right on!
  4. I just bought a Cleveland putter and an iomic putter grip for it. I cannot get this grip on and it is being the biggest pita. I have water activated tape and the grip is so tight that I cannot put it on. I need to play in 4 hours and I do not have an air compressor or solvent. Any help getting this thing on? I've tried soap and water but it is simply too hard to get on.
  5. :D i golf almost everyday. im pretty much self taught too
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 months My current handicap index or average score is: 12 My typical ball flight is: slight push draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: occasional shank every 30 balls or so. would like to get more distance. Videos: 6 iron and 3w
  7. I'm buying some irons on ebay and they're a great deal, but they have ugly orange ferrules, and one of the clubs is even missing one. I have a blow torch and some knowledge on how to reshaft a club, but I've never done it before. Is it ok to take off the shaft by just pulling it apart with my hands? It's a steel shaft so it doesnt look like I could do any harm.
  8. Driver: 225 (varies) 3 wood: 200 4h: 180 5 iron: 160 6 iron:150 7 iron:140 8 iron: 130 9 iron: 115 pw: 105 gw: 95 sw: 80 lw: 65
  9. Thanks for the response. I just tried the line thing and made all my divots after the line. I normally have no problem with hitting fat. I'm definitely going to save up some money and look into some mizunos.
  10. I almost fell for it too. Good thing i have this thread!
  11. 1. Make golf team (shoot in the 70's) 2. Have some fun
  12. Ok so I've been playing golf for around 5 months or so, but I'm definitely not some beginner. I get lessons once a week, and go to the range and play almost every day. Currently I'm playing some taylormade burner xd irons that I picked up on ebay when I first started. I like them, but I found a cheap forged Mizuno t-zoid pro 6 iron and decided to try it out (just for fun). I went to the range with it today and was hitting better and more consistently with it than my burner 6 iron, not to mention it was forged. I'm really considering switching to some forged cavity back irons, like the mp-53's, within the next few months and was wondering if someone like me would really benefit from this. I am really not a fan of the huge oversized faces that my burners have.
  13. i have a winn jumbo lite grip and love it. At first, I had a hard time judging distance, but immediately, aim was spot on. Now distance is not an issue and ive never putted any better.
  14. for some reason ali express is blocked out from the website. Just type in ali express to replace the *'s
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