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  1. You all make really good points, and I'm sure your holding back more trenchant criticism. As for carring a 4 and 5 iron, they simply are not as effective as the hybrids. I am trying to improve my long game and may prefer to hit long irons when and if that happens. For now, I see no reason to carry a 4 or 5 iron, or a 6 iron for that matter. The brids just work better. The Razr X brids are phenominal in my opinion. As for losing my feel, if not my mind, in a sea of wedges, I say again that I'm only using two wedges for short shots around the green (i.e., shots that require feel):
  2. I am very attracted to the one wedge theory myself. It certainly makes life simpler, and with only one wedge avaliable for use, one could expect to become expert with it over time out of of sheer necessity. In a way, my current six-wedge setup has brought me closer to that ideal. Where my last setup was a forged 56 SW, 60 LW and 64 LW, I now rely on only two wedges for all chipping and short pitches--the 56 and 64. I found that the 56 with the M grind was much more playable (to me, and for now) than my previous Cleveland CG15 56 with14 degrees of bounce, and could easily replace my 6
  3. Six wedges may seem like overkill, but I don't consider my pithing (48) and approach (52) clubs to even be wedges. I use them for full shots only, just like I would an 8 or 9 iron, and not at all for the short game. So really, if we are talking about the short game, I only carry four wedges. As for the lack of a 3 wood, it is true that I do not have a club I can hit more than 180 from the fairway. So I end up using the 3 hybrid on any hole over 380 yards, and it is definately getting worn out. I would love to add a 3 wood, but frankly I have a lot of trouble hitting it from the fai
  4. Hi all, I'm a new poster to the Sand Trap. I read the equipment forums here a lot, so I thought I would join the forum and share my thoughts on my recent evolution to a six wedge system. Six wedges you say? That sounds crazy. Well, maybe not when you consider that I use wedges for two very different purposes. One purpose is taking a full swing; the other is for chipping around the greens and hitting blast shots out of the sand. So, if I'm 75 yards out, that's a full wing with my sand wedge (I hit a seven iron about 140 yds). With a curent handicap index of 15.3 I find hitting a full swing
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