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  1. Hi All, I recently re-evaluated my wedge setup and am trying to decide what I want to end up with. I have the following: 45* PW (part of my Burner 2.0 set) 49* Cleveland 588 TA PW 53* Cleveland 588 TA GW 56* Cleveland 588 TA SW 60* Cleveland 588 TA LW I have a few questions for you all..... 1) If I bend my 49* to 48 or even 47* (to replace the 45* PW), will it affect the bounce/offset? 2) Do you think the difference between my 9i (40*) and a 47/48* PW too much? 3) Would it be worth just sticking with the 45* and bending the 53* to 52* to clo
  2. Hi All, My current wedge setup is PW, 50 and 53 degree. I have a 56 and 60 on its way and am wondering if it would be best to take the 50 or 53 out of the bag. I absolutely love my 53 degree but am afraid that puts a little too much of a gap between my PW (45degree) and my 53 degree GW. Thoughts? Thanks, Bruce
  3. An Odyssey Metal-X 2-Ball. Just came in the mail yesterday and can't wait to use it.
  4. Jason Dufner -2 Tiger Woods -4 Rickie Fowler -E
  5. I have a Metal-X 2 ball coming next week. I can't wait for it. I'll try to put up a review once I get a chance to play a bit with it.
  6. I ended up finding the TaylorMade Superfast (1.0) at my local Golf Galaxy used for 40$. It is in great condition and a new grip so I guess my patience worked out. I was a bit upset that I couldn't get an accurate result in the simulator with it. I was hoping to get a good idea for distances with it but the sim results were that I was hitting it 350+ yards. I was getting all of the ball....but I'm a realist.
  7. Just smile....slow it down.....sing a song in your backswing (or whistle......it helps you breathe throughout your swing so you arent so "tight") and enjoy the rest of the day. Beat yourself up on the driving range...not the course.
  8. Hey guys/gals, I'm looking at putters right now and I'd like to get an Odyssey 2-ball. I have been in love with the way the White Ice 2-ball feels but am not sure whether I am going to get the same feel from an older model 2-ball like the DFX. Am I going to notice a big difference in the newer versions vs. the models from the last 2 years? Do you all use Ebay or Craigslist to get your used clubs? Any other site(s) I should know about? Thanks Bruce
  9. Thanks for the input. I'll work the other way around since that totally makes sense to work on your scoring clubs a bit more. I was focusing mainly on the driving range. I put in a few hours a week dedicated to putting alone so I consider that it's own entity. Thanks again.
  10. Hi All, Lately I have been going to the range a couple times a week but haven't had a structure to my practice. I'm wondering what routine you all go through at the range. I'm thinking I may start the following regiment: 1) Hit about 10-15 with driver/3-wood. (Just to make sure I have a solid first shot) 2) Work on 7/8/9/PW approach shots (around 75 balls) 3) Gap/Sand wedge shots 100 yds and in. Should I be spending more time on the 5/6 iron shots? Or are those best served as "support" shots that I take in stride? Also....What kind of drills do you gu
  11. I am sooooooo temped to get this.
  12. I'd love to be able to play with my wife....but she isn't interested in the least with golf. She is more into the Real Housewives of Bitchiness.
  13. I think a little clarification is needed here. My excitement stems from being able to get a regular occurrence of time to get to the course. The reason for the "approval" is the dedicated time in which my wife now knows she is watching our 4 month old son while I am out for half the day. Nothing about this is asking "permission" to do something I love....it's about coming to an agreed upon schedule of events. I love my wife and try to have a very give/take relationship....but in no way shape or form would I ever disrespect her and tell her I'm going to the course without consid
  14. I've been looking at this all day and can't seem to find the exact point when my left knee is straight. Should it be flexed until impact or before/after impact? The wrist hinging is pretty obvious and I can work on that and the right foot issues no problem. I'm more worried about timing with the left knee.
  15. Thanks for the input. Not only am I lifting my right foot too soon in the follow through.....I just saw a major flaw in how late I am breaking my wrists on the backswing.
  16. Well...where to start. While I applaud you for making contact ......your swing is really in need of a few major fundamental changes. I'm no expert....but here is what I can see. 1) Your take away looks like your hips push your arms back. Try pulling the club back with your arms in conjunction with turning your hips (think coiling like a spring). 2) Your swing plane is flat and there is zero wrist action. 3) It looks like you are doing a basket toss of some kind. I don't know if I have the ability to give you advice on that. Basically, I would start by look
  17. I've been Playing Golf for: 15-ish years My current handicap index or average score is: I'm not current on my handicap but around 10-13 My typical ball flight is:Straight with a 5 yard fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The 5 yard Fade Videos: I'm very happy with my swing....I'm just wondering if my fade is due to grip or even follow-through issues. Any input is welcomed. Thanks! Bruce
  18. Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade all of my woods to TaylorMade Superfasts. My question is, what is the biggest difference in the SuperFast series and the SuperFast 2.0? I would, ideally, love to buy all 2.0's but may be limited to a smaller budget. Is there a vast difference in performance between them? I still have to hit the original SuperFast's so I understand it's all about what feels right....just looking for some opinions. Thanks
  19. It wasn't a bad experience. She took a book along and enjoyed the Maui scenery. If someone didn't have to be home watching our son, I'd ask her to come with me more often.
  20. I truly appreciate the sentiment here. It's nice to know that there are others that believe in 50/50 happiness in a relationship and not just "declaring" the right to play. I really can't wait until I can bring my son out on the course and show him the joys and beauty of golf. But for now, it truly is just a game of juggling time and recipricating the effort for my wife to enjoy herself with the things she loves to do.
  21. KCCO

    is 39 too old?

    While I am not one to be a "downer" on matters......there is a stark difference between the range and the course. In my opinion and experience....once you have the mechanics down....golf is 40% physical and 120% mental. You have to have every shot in the bag to compete at a high level. You cannot think that hitting the same club off the same "perfect" lay on a driving range is conducive to the thousands of possible situations you will face on the course. Think of it like this......there is a reason why the best players in the game lose. Tiger still has the same abilities as he has a
  22. I live by the code of "Happy Wife = Happy Life".
  23. I feel horrible about admitting this.....but I lol'd at the image of that.
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