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  1. Pretty much.... I am not sure what it does either but apparently people say it changed their game. Scam?
  2. I keep seeing advertisements on social media for something called Down Under Board. I did a search and all i can see is people using it or people saying how it changed their game but doesn't really tell you what it is for and how to use it. I think it is for balance, but I can't really tell. Can someone that uses it explain if it is good or if it is just a gimmick? Having said that, wouldn't you be able to just make one with ply wood and save about $140? How do you know what is the right size for you? Thanks, just curious.
  3. In order to keep a square clubface throughout my swing, I was told that I need to have more bend in my right wrist at the top. I was flat at the top in the right. Can someone explain to me what that means and how to get there? Is it simply add bend in the wrist at the top or is it something that occurs as a result of something I did earlier in the swing? Every time I try to do it, it seems extremely unnatural and makes my swing feel very rigid and forced. Can someone shed some light? Thanks!
  4. Hi there.... I have always had issues with my weight shifting forward and into my toes (primarily left foot (right handed)) at the top of my swing and into the downswing. This causes me to get closer to the ball at impact than when at address causing heeled shots and shanks. It has gotten significantly worse in the last month and I am shanking pretty much every other shot. Are there any drills I can do to help me feel where the weight should be?
  5. Hey guys... I wanted to see what you think of my swing. My tendancies lately have been hitting the hosel. My normal ball flight when I don't shank is a nice high draw. 7 Iron distance is about 170. I am working on a bigger shoulder turn and a better release but I can't seem to figure it out. Does anyone have any advice? Let me know what you think. http://www.swingreader.com/video/view/Xc5VTZt6 http://www.swingreader.com/video/view/ss7zUtMB BZ
  6. Hi... I posted a few weeks ago with my swing and my problem of shanking the ball. After seeing an instructor we noticed a few things that I changed. I was getting disconnected and swinging out instead of in/in. This was exposing the hosel and it was making me hit some wicked shanks. After hitting a bunch of balls and changing some things, I noticed that I am hitting the ball just left of the sweet spot towards the hosel. I had impact tape on the club so I knew that is where it his hitting the face. Granted the balls were my normal iron distance with a slight draw, the impact was a little
  7. Hey guys... My videos are posted in the member videos section but i need some serious help with my shank i developed. I went to the range on Saturday and literally shanked 90% of the balls I hit. The ones i didn't shank were either fat/short, or thin weak fades. Yesterday, i hit about 75% of my shots as shanks. The other ones that I hit flush were big sweeping draw/hook that actually ended up on target. When playing well, I hit a high draw and usually score between 82-88. But as of the last 2 years the shank has been in the bag and it gets worse each round.
  8. I don't think I am releasing the club fully... That has always been an issue for me.
  9. If I hit it well I hit a high draw. If i hit it poor and don't shank it, I'll hit a weak fade / slice. My driver is straight. This is only happening with irons. My wedges and short game is good too.
  10. Hello. I am a 15 handicap. Lately I have been getting the shanks with my irons. My driver has been straight but my irons have been very inconsistent. I have been hitting off the hosel and I am sure of it because I put some impact tape on my clubs. Can anyone tell what is causing this based off of my swings below? Anyone have any tips on what i need to do to get rid of it? Any other swing tips would be greatly appreciated as well. FO Iron DTL Iron I think my swing needs a ton of help and wanted to see what you all think and notice i can ch
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