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  1. 4 times a week 18-36 holes all 4 days. Weather permitting year round.
  2. Got a weird one for a reason not to begin golf. Took a lesson in Palm Springs CA at a driving range, the grip they tried to start me out with (not sure if it was an interlocking or a Varden) . It didnt feel right, playing sports and growing up on a farm I knew how to hold a stick, and that wasnt the correct way, fast forward to living here in Santa Fe and needing a hobby in the summer time and I found Jay Golden online at You Tube and low and behold a baseball grip was okay to use went out wacked the crap out of a bunch of balls and have been hooked ever since. Went out and played today yes in the intermittent snow and cold. Love this game. Side note have since changed grip from baseball to Interlocking to Varden. Maybe instructors should look at that more, just my 2 cents.
  3. I usually play better with either no warm up or an extended warm up of around 70 to 100 balls, with about 20 to 30 being used for the driver. . If I just hit a say 10-20 with maybe 5 for driver it never seems to work out. Best warm up in my opinion is chipping putting and some short pitches seems like I have a better feel for the green that way.
  4. 25 Handicap, Started playing last year. Had my first on the last round of the year. Par 5 13th hole at Marty Sanchez. Great tee shot past the cart path on the left side flyer lie on the long grass. 5 iron onto the green, staring at a 20 foot putt, was able to see the line and just stroked it. One of the best feelings I've had on a golf course, was trying hard to break 90 for the first time. Added up the card after the 18th...............Shot 90 exactly, bittersweet to say the least. Had a great day... This is the best game ever.
  5. OK I'm the last person to give advice to someone who is playing as well as you are. I'm a 27 handicap. But gonna give it a try, it helped me in my short game some. 1. Read and practiced Pelz's book. 2. Played an Executive course from the womens tees alot. Made sense in that most of these shots are from 100 yards and in, gave me a lot of time to work on these shots. 3. After reading and practicing Pelz's formula worked on just feeling the distance and swung to the distance. If none of the above are feasible, play a practice round of golf on a weekday afternoon and forget about the driver and irons and just walk or drive up and play from 100 yards and closer. Hope this helps and again I know I'm the last person to give advice to someone playing as well as you. Remember the only thought over these short game shots is execution, nothing else.
  6. Ok slight problem here. I have broken 2 Driver shafts 1 Nike VRS shaft and 1 Ping G 20 shaft. both snapped about 3 inch's above the hosel. Nike was a Stiff flex Ping was a regular flex. I didnt hit the ground with them or store them improperly. I hit the ball about 225 to 250 average. I've only been playing about 6 months so there are mishits off center. Any suggestions or ideas as to why this is occuring?
  7. Range for 1 month with lessons to refine actually hitting the ball then par-3 course for 1 month then on to the big course. 1 month is as close as I can remember. Used cheap balls on both, Sports Authority Tommy Amour Silver Scott's 48 for 24 dollars. Man I've lost a lot of those balls. Playing a par 3 in the afternoon on a weekday at my home course is like having your own private golf course. Getting off the range and on the course really let's you see where your game is and what you need to work on at the range.
  8. johnwayne


    Not for the scoring.....but we tried an exercise yesterday of playing from the women's tee on a par 3 no traffic, we were the only ones on the course, played 9 with my friend teaching his girlfriend. Had a blast and we had great practice for the big course, hit your wedge then putt. We all had a great round afterwards.
  9. Thanks for sharing very similar to my first round (I think mine may have been worse) . Like the man said just swing easy good things will happen. Keep playing and remember to have a good time.
  10. Lots of them still do at times just cant help myself. Still stand by what I said, Sorry for the last sentence, had been up for over 24 hours worked the overnight shift at the hospital then played from the time I got off till 7pm. Driving 300 yards for someone young ie one of my playing partners is 22 and he can do it regularly. I've had a couple over the short months I've been playing. Thanks for telling me about the stove I'm out of the kitchen.
  11. Hey guys with the new drivers of today driving 300 yards can be done by almost anyone with the muscle or swing to do so. Doing so and having it playable is a different story. I have done so inconsistently but I play in Santa Fe 7000 feet in elevation with good wind at times. Driving 300 is not a big deal anymore. it can be done and done routinely. Wanna impress me play a par 3 course for birdie golf from all the tee's women's and men's. All of them then your talking.
  12. One nice thing about being a high handicap golfer is when you look for yours you find others. Currently at about 3-4 dozen of slightly used all makes and models. Hitting Sirixon Q Stars yellow love them things hate losing them though it happens often.
  13. johnwayne


    3-4 months into playing. (Started at 47 years old) on a par 3 course in New Mexico Marty Sanchez, greatest feeling ever, made a couple today. Brings up another question what tees were you playing?
  14. Okay guys rule # 1 have fun damn it the game is fun. If you can have a good time with your wife or girl friend then by all means enjoy. Teaching someone the basics can be simple first rule hit the ball move it forward. Getting someone involved is the first step hard stuff can come later. Chill with the lessons just let someone enjoy the together time then if they want to get better you can "invest" in more expensive options. Bull Durham " This game is fun damn it, lets have some fun".
  15. Shot a 96 first time to break 100 ever did it at the Santa Fe country club. yaa hoo. Also didnt lose a single ball all day and hit my driver playable on every hole.
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