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  1. Thanks for the responses. You have been very, very helpful
  2. I have owned several nice Sunice products so will look at them. On a similar topic, while searching for rain gear, there is a video of 2015 rain gear from the Morning Drive show, in which they show a hat with a large rear facing brim but I can't hear or see the brand. Seems to be perfect to keep water from dripping down your back. Has anyone seen this product?
  3. My OLD Greg Norman rain jacket finally fell apart. Looking for a new short sleeved ( Florida) reasonably priced jacket ( seems like all Gore Tex jackets are over $300!). l liked the Footjoys but they have a 2 yr waterproof warranty. Pay 150-270 dollars and have a 2 yr waterproof warranty?? Any suggestions please?
  4. I saw it but........... Is it all true? Do companies jump at telling you that financially they are struggling or do they talk initially about re structuring, mergers, changes in management, consolidation, efficiency etc. I do not want to speculate... It just sounds unusual.........hope it works out for them
  5. Golf insurance................ Nothing turns on lawyers more than the word insurance. The larger the policy, the more they drool for their 40% they get for all the, pain, suffering, lack of sex etc ( none of which they can quantify). In Florida they had a "malpractice crisis" with a large number of lawsuits and every doctor was carrying 2-4 million in coverage. The issue could not be solved by the legislators ( all lawyers) but was solved by the physicians dropping their coverage to a max 250k. Suddenly the interest in attorneys pursuing lawsuits dropped Insurance is not always the solution
  6. not talking about skills or teaching abilities..............but The voices!!! They drive me crazy!! Michael Breed (The worst) Damon Hack Martin Hall Sometimes, particularly with Hack, who speaks as if he was the deep and profound thinker of golf, I have to change channels
  7. We are all going crazy with the Big Break cancellation but could all this be part of a larger problem in which the channel is losing viewers and a secondary effect of the general decrease in interest in golf, less players, courses closing etc. how many re runs of tournaments could you watch before you stop watching at all. I would suspect there are some serious financial issues
  8. Right hand swing Developed tendinosis with tenderness in the outer part of the lower Achilles' tendon and outer part of the insertion of my right foot Tender to touch when walking a while, particularly uphill Every time I stopped playing golf for a couple of weeks it would get better but as soon as I played golf it came back in the same place. I assumed it was related to walking on the course or the greens even if I was riding a cart. Today after going to the range I think I figured out what may be causing it. When I swing I push off, lift and roll in the right foot pretty aggressively. (
  9. I am left handed Played baseball most of my life as a righty because as a kid in a small town it was nearly impossible to find a glove for a lefty I play golf right handed but putt left handed (tried both ways but much better putter as a lefty)
  10. Is she athletic or play other sports? Does she know other women that play? Is she 30 or 65 yrs old? Patience, Patience, Patience! If she shows slight interest buy her several lessons. There are places with female golf pros that may make her more comfortable play 9 holes only for a while My wife became an addict. Beware!! Everything will cost you x2
  11. Spitfisher mentioned something that I had thought about in the past.. In my area golf course paths are off limits at all times except for golf carts. I imagine there is risk of people going and damaging the course after hours But.............I don't know how many times my wife and I go out for a walk or a bike ride in the evening and have to go in the streets when it would be really nice to go (after hours) in widened and paved cart paths. I am sure young joggers would also use them Clubs could have teen camps and lower cost for students with proper ID Just throwing o
  12. I am sure this is an old topic but I keep reading of foolish ides of how to get people to play golf. Bigger hole, less holes etc. This is where I see some of the problems 1) My wife and I love to play golf. Which means that every golf outing or trip costs me double. Recently looked at a "resort" in Florida. Special package $587 per person for 2 rounds and stay. Waling, 80-100 dollars for caddy per bag. So....more than $1,300 for my wife and I to play golf and a one night stay. It would have been easy to give discounts to couples in the past but now every two guys will say t
  13. Seems that when I turn the shoulders and bring the club back I lean forward and end up with my weight in the front of the right foot (right handed golfer) They tell me to try to feel some weight in the heel; of the right foot at the end of the backswing but I have a hard time doing it I feel I am not going to hit the ball on my forward swing or I am going to sway back Any practice tips on how to feel the correct weight on your right foot on the backswing?? Thanks
  14. Don't wear one ......but carry one in my bag. I find that when it gets real hot in the summer my hands get sweaty and,even drying with a towel, on occasion one hand slips of the other one. I then put a glove on.
  15. Always thought, that although a little bit more difficult or uncomfortable for the player, marking in front of the ball would prevent people from doing this. In addition, if the ball moves when you pick up the mark (not good),. it would move farther away from the hole. Some rules do not make sense to me. Like having to play from a huge divot made by someone playing his first rounds of golf
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