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  1. Gotcha, yeah, makes total sense that the path/face relationship is what steers the ball. Guess the idea is that the slicer would be making a consistent swing (path-wise) and slicing, so by rolling (closing the face) and making the same swing, he could hook the ball, and from there focus on body turn to straighten the ball flight. I suppose the better option would be to fix the swing path? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I don't think the concept is that you're steering the ball somehow with the clubface.. :) That said, in practice, if I purposefully roll my wrists way over early on my downswing, the ball does hook, does it not? I'd imagine because you're hitting the ball with the face super closed -- does a closed face hook the ball, or are you saying that has nothing to do with hooking the ball as well? Anyway, not arguing :P, it's not the way I fixed my slice personally, so it's not a method I'm advocating. Just wanted to clarify what you mean by 'nothing' above. Thanks!
  3. Hey mvmac, interested in your thoughts on the below: I saw a Paul Wilson golf school video where he said (and showed) how he fixes someone's slice by basically doing the following: -- First, try to hook the ball by rolling the hands super extremely early. -- Once you can hit these ugly hooks, then forget about your hands/wrists, since now they have the right looseness/feeling, and focus on just turning your body. He's big into forgetting hands and arms and just focusing on turning the body, by touching the knees together. The idea, I suppose, is that once your body catches up to your hands (which are now releasing properly), you'll start hitting it straight instead of hooking. Anyway, going off of memory here, may have butchered that explanation, but interested in what you think :).
  4. Meant to reply to this when I first saw it a bit ago.. Anyway, I used to slice, don't now -- I'm a high handicapper, so these are probably total bandaids, but hey, sometimes bandaids are good. :) I did two things to stop slicing: 1: Strong grip . Exaggeratedly strong at first, until you start hooking it like crazy :). Combined with: 2: Shoulder lean/tilt away from the target . I think this is basically just squaring my shoulders up, but my thought is to lean away a bit, or tilt my spine away from the target. When I set up with the ball forward in my stance and reach forward, I feel my shoulders kind of open toward the target. Then I just tilt a slight bit back until they seem straight again. (Does that make sense?) Nothing revolutionary, but those were simple and worked for me with my swing. Otherwise, pretty much all I think about is gathering weight into my back foot on takeaway, then pushing off with it as hard as I can. If I try to swing hard like this without the two steps above, sliceville.
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