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  1. Hey guys, so i have a lot of free time during the summers, and over the past two years I have been going to the range a lot more often than playing on the course. I feel like it helps and hurts at the same time. I feel like i can practice all of the right things and master them, but i also feel like i go through too many swing changes and thoughts. But if i play too much, then i cant work on anything. I just want to hear your opinion on this.
  2. ok so I have been fooling around with an old putter and a belly putter with the iPing app, I found that using the belly putter as a "training aid" (taking 10-15 strokes with the belly and then the 5 with the standard putter) increases consistency and helps with keeping the butt end of the standard putter pointed at the belly. Some of you may be like "Well Daa!", but i think that even if the PGA decides to ban the anchored putters, they can still be used to improve the stroke with a standard putter, being used as a training aid. I am unable to find the article now, but on @GolfTips.com, there was an article about how keeping the butt end of your standard putter and using the same muscles to make the stroke as you would with a belly putter, result in much better consistency and performance.