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  1. Golf certainly needs a new Tiger. Or the old one back.
  2. Miller won it on Sunday. Nuff said. JT will just be the guy who had a really good round at an open. Miller is the guy who shot 63 on Sunday to win it. Big difference in my opinion. And while I have NEVER hit persimmons, I have hit real Balata balls. That alone gives Miller the edge for me. Its like hitting one of those quarter machine rubber balls, except it doesn't fly! Anyway, better than the US Open, I SEEM to have gotten my driving on point. Hit 13 fairways today and lost one ball off the tee (and the only ball I lost). Shot an 81. 5 of the 9 shots I gave up were on putting. Greens were really, really slow, they needed to be shaved, and EVERYONE was leaving everything short.
  3. I don't even disagree with Miller. This was a joke of an open. It felt like every other tour event. There was no prestige like the masters, no ridiculously punishing courses like the Open (sorry folks, there's only one open) , if anything, it felt like a small tournament that none of the top stars show up to. In my opinion, I was underwhelmed. That said, I still have tremendous respect for what Koepka did. He hoisted a trophy I could only dream of. Good for him. Yes, well, missing fairways by a mile will blow up your score. I'm evidence of that. That is not what he said at all. But to that point, they were driving into much smaller fairways with clubs and balls most of us couldn't even duff a ball with nowadays. I think you should get on youtube and watch millers round.
  4. This is golf without Rory playing well, Tigers future uncertain, and DJ not in contention. The only person the crowds seemed to care about was Fowler, and Koepka towards the very end. Golf needs another HUGE star, and there doesn't seem to be one floating around the young Amateurs just yet. But, no matter the sport, every generation has it's Tiger, it's Jack, its Palmer, its Orr, Gretzky, Mathews, etc etc. Someone will come up soon who will be challenging Tigers records, and gunning for Jacks Koepka's GF looks a lot like my wife (from what little I saw of her). My wife better not have been away at the Open practicing polygamy while I was golfing! Overtime at the hospital, my ass!
  5. All props to Koepka. He hit the fairways, nailed the greens, and scrambled when he had to (which wasn't often). He seemed to get better as the final round went on. I'm still sad DJ didn't make the weekend. I always like to look at Paulina. (Gretzky was a hero of mine, as a child of the 80's). But she just had baby 2 anyway, so she wouldn't have been there. But man, Rory, what's going on. I'm driving as good as he is right now. I may not have the distance (about 270 carry when I hit it well), but my drives are all off the course too. He can't put a weekend together at all, or even make it to one.
  6. You made me sad. Payne Stewart is the only player I liked as much as Tiger when I was a teen. He is still missed.
  7. It's three bills Canadian, so wondering if it's really worth getting the better version?
  8. I want to play this course as it is so badly.
  9. 500 yard par 4's. crazy.
  10. Par 4 with a 200 yard forced carry over an ocean inlet. If I drive, I'm over the green. My only play is a 3i off the tee, unless I happened to throw my driving iron in the bag. This is at a course near my wife's parents in Nova Scotia.
  11. That was a hell of a drive.
  12. I hope Fowler can hold it together through Sunday. not a huge fan but he works hard.
  13. 86, and once again it's my driving that kills me. What's wierd is that I hit it well at the range, on the launch monitor, but on the course, it slices like a m**********r. I know it's me, not the club, but christ, this is the worst i've ever driven the ball. Thankfully my swing coach is coming out on the course with me tomorrow to see what i'm doing wrong (and bringing his GC2+HMT and tablet) off the tee. The rest of my game is very, very good considering I missed 2 full seasons of golf (I started at ~6yo, and was around scratch since I was 18 or so), but I sliced my driver on 4 holes today, wild into the woods. That's 8 shots I never should have had to make. And when I dont slice it, it's still not a good shot, leaving me in second cut with a hybrid, or the wrong side of a dogleg giving me no shot at the green. I never, ever had these problems before, and i'm very anxious to get it fixed up. I HATE it. I'm playing a round tonight with my wife, i'm not even putting the GBB in the bag. I'll use my 3w, and add my callaway ApexUT driving iron.
  14. By the end of summer I want to be breaking 80 regularly. I'm determined to be at least as good as I was at my best at 32, pre injury. It's 29 years since my dad got me playing, except the last almost three years from a bad workplace accident. I didn't fall as far as I expected.
  15. I'm playing the tp5, and I have six Kirkland Signature balls I need to try out. Loved my first round with them. I really hope Costco does another runof them. I don't have much faith in snell being as good as the balls I play. I'm sitting on 5.5 dozen TP5's, and a dozen each of tp5, prov1 and prov1x. So I certainly won't run out of balls this season. Still interested in trying a sleeve though.