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  1. Apoc81

    Ping i200 which shaft

    It doesn't really work like that. You are spending the cash, why not get fitted for what you really need?
  2. Apoc81

    Mizuno MP 18 Irons

    And be a better golfer for it. I played hockey all my life, so I have a lot of tall friends (and im 6'4"), and so many of them play off the rack clubs (especially irons), it puzzles me. I can't imagine being forced to play standard length, especially when most companies will fit you free when you buy (provided you know a good clubfitter)
  3. Apoc81

    Ping G400 Driver on the way

    I thought we were talking serious misses, not slightly heel or toe.
  4. Apoc81

    Ping G400 Driver on the way

    Missing to the toe causes Gear Effect, which causes horrible mishits (though so does Heel misses). I'd prefer center high, or center low.
  5. Apoc81

    Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    Yeah, no. My masters in engineering would say otherwise.
  6. Apoc81

    Ping G400 Driver on the way

    My SLDR 3 wood is gold. That club does no wrong. It's the one club besides my Edels that I can't imagine replacing (but will, because i'm like that).
  7. Man, my favorite thing about the pings I've owned in the past is their grips (which I don't think they make anymore).
  8. Apoc81

    Ping i200 which shaft

    Whichever one you get fitted for. And I believe Ping (and most other companies) will fit for free if you are buying from them.
  9. Apoc81

    Ditching 3w for 5w

    I ditched my 3i for a 5w. I hit it better, straighter, and within five yards of my 3i. I stay away from Hybrids because I seem to hit them all way too high, with too much spin, and my distances with long irons are far more consistent.
  10. Apoc81

    Mizuno MP 18 Irons

    I'll be gaming a custom fit set of those blades next year. Those are the sexiest clubs I have ever seen. I love my Vapor Fly Pro's (Nike finally made EXCELLENT irons, then shut down), and I had a great season with them, but i'm ready to go back to blades, and those things are like sex.
  11. Apoc81

    Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    I'm going on the assumption that if you are interested enough in teaching yourself, you have most certainly took the time to learn the physics and basics of the swing. Again, i'm talking fit, athletically inclined people who are willing to hit hundreds of balls a day and film and critique what they see have a pretty damn good chance of playing golf. If we're talking your average obese american who hits a bucket of balls twice a week, then no, they won't ever play good golf. I'm working under the assumption that the person doing this is reasonably fit and ambitious enough to practice daily, on all parts of the game, and getting in the course time to practice scrambling and course management as well. While I have a coach, I think that the fact that im willing to put in the time and effort to become better has had just as much impact. I mean, I come from a golfing family, and I played pretty good golf before I ever got a coach (which was when I made my high school golf team). I was scratch by 18-19, and better than scratch when I got burnt a few years back and had to take almost 3 years off. Im now a 5, after playing about 100 rounds this year, but I don't know i'll ever get back to where I was. And I admit, coaching got me to scratch, and it made me more competitive, and kept my golf consistent throughout my adulthood, but I was still a 6-7 by the time I was 14 and joined our high school team (ages 14-17 here). I had never had a single lesson to that point.
  12. Apoc81

    Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    It's simple physics, and someone with the equipment and time could easily look at their own swing, work on what's wrong, and tinker until it's right. The body does what we make it do, and many people learn without coaching. (As much as I can't stand him, bubba is a self taught 2x major winner). Sure there's athletic ability and coordination involved, but I think anyone who puts in enough practice can learn to play decent golf.
  13. Apoc81

    What's Your favorite club and why?

    Sorry, this was a while back, but i've been on a golf vacation. The Edels are amazing. The fitting process is intensive, and they get amazing spin. Probably the best club purchases I have ever made. It's between that and my new SC Squareback Studio Select (A couple of years old, but I got it new for 200$ CDN at a closing sale at a local shop) for best clubs i've ever owned.
  14. Apoc81

    Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    Physics isn't just demonstrated on paper. It also isn't "hit he ball with a fast and straight club face in the sweet spot." The body and it's movements follow the laws of physics as well. The clubface, impact, follow through, you can test all of it and create a very repeating swing. There's obviously geometry in there as well, but if you are in good physical shape, you should have no trouble creating a repeating swing through muscle memory (and video), as long as you understand each component of it. I'm no pro, I would never try to give lessons, but that doesn't change the fact that the swing is simple, and if you understand it, you could most certainly teach yourself.
  15. Apoc81

    Poor instruction is very common. Why?

    I've notiuced, as someone with a strong background in physics, that poor instructors just don't understand the physics of the game (and yes, there is a lot involved, weather they see it or not). Hell, the first instructor I tried when I started to take the game seriously didn't even understand Gear Effect. It didn't take me long to move on. A good coach is going to alter your swing so you are hitting the center of the clubface, while keeping the face perpendicular to your line. A bad instructor is going to to try to teach you what he thinks is the perfect swing, with no actual education behind it. I've done a lot of my own physics experiments with my swing (and am lucky enough to be able to afford top tier equipment, like my own GC2+HMT & Trackman), and one thing i've learned is that the ball only does what you make it do. The bad shots are because you don't have the physics of the game down. There is no perfect swing (except maybe Iron Byron). The best pga players often have strange, unorthadox swings.

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