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  1. Hi Kenny, Glad you enjoyed. Yes, there is a lot in the book. I set it out with summaries at the end of each chapter so it makes it easier to dip in and out to remind yourself of the concepts. Patch- I like that idea. I first started blogging as a means of organizing my thoughts. A book was the extension of this. The book and concepts within were gained from my teaching experience, but I also found that they are supported by the scientific literature on motor learning. p.s. you wont find it on a shelf at the moment - it is only available through amazon
  2. Phil, I have actually been at the same academies for almost 8 years now. My 8 month stint at Turnberry (poor me) was due to a visa issue. So I would rather you didn't make assumptions about my professional career in front of others whose opinions may be influenced. Abu - It's a pretty big book and covers many different topics, from How we learn How to practice for technical adjustments How to practice for skill development How to practice for performance How to transfer your game to the course Goal setting and quantifiable practice How to use statistics during practice to knock shots off you
  3. Hi guys, Just came across this. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try my best to answer them. And for those who are looking to Phil McGleno for an unbiased review - I wouldn't count on it. The guy has a personal vendetta against me (to each their own), hence the instant bashing of the book without any knowledge of its contents. Ernest - yes, the free Ebook is what it is (free) and aimed more towards less info-seeking golfers. The Practice Manual is a very different animal - more for the serious golfer who wants to know more in depth details about how to link the mo
  4. Ok, I'm going to have a go - although I'm nervous as hell, so be gentle with me Erik :) When the golf club hits the golf ball, what's required for the ball to go up in the air? the contact point of the clubhead and ball must be below the equator of the ball relative to the angle of attack In a properly struck golf shot, what does the divot tell you? point of contact with the ground What primarily determines the starting direction of the golf ball? clubface Can you actually compres
  5. Awesome stretch. What book is that. I loved the first page completely. as to McClean, I don't know what his marketing guys are telling him to do, but there are lots of other guys in the industry who are not happy with him about it. tut tut
  6. Fair enough. I have made a swing path change before and it wasnt easy, but the rewards are often big when (and if) the change is successful. There are many ways to change your path. The info MVmac and Iacas give will be good stuff to follow. I also experiment with a very instinctive approach to it - when I want my path more left I literally just rehearse and visualise the club swinging left through impact (plus whatever face angle I want to see) and keep adjusting the feeling until I find the flight I want. I do the same for a draw also. My advice to you is to start with small swings fi
  7. then get on the range and hit 50 drives with a fade and 50 with a draw. Note down where the ball finishes in relation to your target. The one which has less balls to the right of your target (out of bound) - use this one on the course. you can learn a lo from this type of pattern finding in your own game. Work out an anti left shot, and an anti right shot - use them wisely. For me, anti left is the feeling of opening the face a little at address and feeling a hold off release. An anti right shot is when I feel the rotation of the clubhead through impact
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mvmac So you're saying the weight shouldn't be forward at impact? Obviously you can get a positive AOA with the weight forward, it is actually preferred. you can also be well behind the ball at impact with a driver and have a lot of pressure on your front foot, even though the mass of your body is relatively neutral. This is how a lot of the guys bomb it. Why is having weight forward and positive AOA preferred with driver? Quote: Yes but remember, the feeling of closing the club face
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by mvmac First question I want to ask is where is the ball starting? Most slicers start the ball left, so closing the club face is only going to start it more left. This is the point MV - we want him to start the ball more left so that his shot doesn't end up right of his target like it has been. As clubface is the most determinant factor of dierction, this would be the most efficient change. The clubface would also get more matched to the path - so there would be less curvature. Quote: I would recom
  10. 1 - understand what is happening. If your ball is slicing right, your clubface is aiming further right of you path at impact. To turn your slice into a fade (my recommended advice for you), find a way of closing the face more. I would try the following route, but it is pretty individual what would work or not. 1 - strengthen your grip. Close the face at address and grip it as normal. Then with your hands on the grip, rotate the club back to neutral - this will automatically set a stronger grip position for you 2 - add a bit of face rotation through impact. Rehearse in slow mo
  11. How often do you go out of bounds when you hit your driver? you would probably (at your handicap) be better at hitting 150 yards off the tee, then another 150 up there, 40 yards to the green and get a 5, or potential 4 if your short game is good. With your handicap, you are probably hitting 20% out of bounds (costing you 4 shots every 10 times you play it). Even when you do hit the fairway, you are probably only taking advantage of it and par-ing the hole 40% of the time (max). Meaning, by playing the hole 10 times with a driver, you would shoot 10 over. By playing for bogey as I
  12. What specifically has made you longer. It is doubtful that it is an increase in clubead speed, as the swing does not generally promote that (specifically over a more traditional model). As Iacas said, was it an improvement in ball/turf contact - or was it a better clubface/path relationship (did you stop slicing it for example).
  13. Lustig is a quack with an agenda. He makes up a load of bull to fit his agenda, which doesnt even fit with the scientific evidence. Obesity is a result of overconsuming calories and not burning enough..... FULL STOP The average American consumes between 2700-3000 calories a day now compared with 30 years ago being more 2,200 - 2,500. Add to this more sedentary lifestyles and you have a recipe for obesity and its' related diseases. Carbs are only to blame if eating them causes an excess in calorie consumption or somehow lowers metabolic rate (which it doesnt - eating carbs actual
  14. saevel, tis isnt aimed at you, but the both of you and the false theory of it all Quote: I don't think it matters, your body is going to store carbs the same way no matter what, so if you eat carbs at night, as long as you don't go over your glycogen limit at dinner, your not going to gain any weight, except water weight from storing more glycogen. Then overnight your just sleeping, which primarily burns all fat anyways due to the fact is such a low heart rate. I do agree eating carbs for breakfast is good if you are low, for me, i never had an issue with be groggy
  15. the bodybuilder example was extreme, but relevant. A lot of people (not you for some reason) experience this supercompensatory effect when binging on carbs after a low carb diet. They then see the scale go up a few pounds and go off track. In reality, it is possible to gain quite a few pounds and not gain any physical fat - so people shouldnt worry so much about this. People need to be educated on the diff between glycogen and fat loss. regarding overweight people - they usually have just as big, if not bigger capacity to lose water weight. Watch 'The biggest loser' and see that some of
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