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      Experience Augusta, LLC is selling daily tournament badges (Thu-Sun) and daily Berckmans Place badges (Mon-Sun) for the 2018 Masters golf trournament. We also have several available homes within walking distance of Augusta National. Check it out today, go to the Masters in April!


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  1. Damn Tiger, better get it together in Chicago.
  2. pretty dang new to this.....

    The best way is to just start playing. Preferably at a nice course on a Saturday morning from the tips. Good luck!
  3. june medal

    Yeah he lost me at medal play and kilometers..
  4. 2013 Traveler's Championship Discussion Thread

    Charlie Hoffman! That boy can play.
  5. Damn Merion, way to rain on everyone's parade (or US Open).
  6. That rough looks like the same rough I have to deal with on a few courses near me. You're lucky to even find your ball, forget about getting it on the green. Of course Merion does that on purpose, whereas the courses I play are simply too lazy/cheap to mow the stuff.
  7. Where is this golf course?

    It's the 7th hole at Kapalua.
  8. Breaking a Windshield Playing Golf

    Flintcreek, I'm just curious why you would have left your contact info if you had no intention of paying?
  9. Bio Kim - E Eddie Pepperell - E Wil Collins - E
  10. First ever tournament!

    Is it rescheduled?
  11. A cure for slow play

    COURSE HANDICAP MAXIMUM NUMBER ON ANY HOLE 9 or less Double Bogey 10 through 19 7 20 through 29 8 30 through 39 9 40 or more 10 Here is how ESC works for those wondering. If more people use it, it would probably help pace of play.
  12. I've never been a fan of TM, and I'm certainly not a fan of what they're doing here.

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