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  1. Hi. I'm male and right now I'm using a 3 or 4 years old LH speedline driver that has a draw. I'm left handed and I slice a lot, so using a club with a draw helped lessen my slice by a lot. I don't play that often, about 15 times per year if I'm lucky. Compare to my friends which are like 5 inch and more taller than me, I know that my speed swing is slower than them. There is a golf store that just opened, so I could go there to calculate golf swing speed if you guys need it. With my driver right now, if I hit it perfectly, I might get max 225 yards. I hit my 3 wood close to 200 yards so I'm thinking I should get more yards from my driver right? I'm looking for a new driver that could help me drive the ball farther without me practicing like crazy. Also looking for some info about type and height of shaft for a small guy that is looking for more distance on the drive. Thanks for the help and tips!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm from Canada and I play about 15 times per year. Unfortunately, we have winter here and the golf courses are open 6 months max. I love golf but I'm not that good at it, but I manage. Hope to learn some nice tricks and contribute in anyway I can!
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