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  1. GatorCallaway

    What's In Your Bag?

    I have two sets but swap out many different clubs. 1st set (most played) Big Bertha 2014 driver 11.5* 3 wood 16* Razr X Muscleback 2-PW Mack Daddy 2 54* & 60* Nike Method Mod-90 putter 2nd set (par 3 course) V-Series Driver, 3 and 5 woods Eye 2 3-LW Karsten Anser 2 TR Putter In the first set sometimes I pull the 2 & 3 irons for a V-Series Heavenwood and a Big Bertha 4 hybrid set at 22* In the second set I swap out the driver and 3 wood for the Eye 2 1 & 2 irons.
  2. GatorCallaway

    omg totally fixed my slice today!

    I used to do this as well and after a while my slice became a hook. I went to midsize grips and haven't had a problem since.
  3. GatorCallaway

    Golf lessons - Do you take them?

    If you count Ben Hogan's Five Lessons, then yes. Other than that, nope. I take a lot of pride in figuring things out on my own and correcting mistakes.
  4. Looking for the aforementioned "butter knife", "lightning rod", "driving iron" etc. If you have one lying around (because I know there ain't but 16 people that could ever hit one and most of 'ems dead) I would be greatly interested. Lemme know what you want for it and we'll work something out. Thank you kindly.
  5. GatorCallaway

    How often do you clean your clubs?

    I clean my clubs after every round, except for my wedges. I just dry brush the grooves and leave 'em dirty. Grips get cleaned pretty often since some are Multi Compound Whiteouts.
  6. GatorCallaway

    What's Your Favorite Club?

    Gotta go with my 3 hybrid here. Playing buddies groan when I pull it out of the bag because they know, when they see me grin, its time for the 3-hy. I have always hit it better than any club I've ever used, even when I was shanking everything when I first started playing seriously. Its my club of choice for fringe putting too. I was having a tough go last year when my back was acting up and decided one day to play a par 3 course with just my 3-hy. Played pretty good considering I used one club. Its the only club I can walk up to a ball, take aim and fire. No practice, no worries, just ready-aim-fire.
  7. GatorCallaway

    Just how overhyped are grips?

    Just remember that baby bird is a hawk.
  8. GatorCallaway

    MLB National League Wild Card race

    Hopefully my Redlegs will trade for Shane Victorino and get Joey Votto back healthy in Mid August so we don't have to be in this one game playoff race discussion. Gotta keep smacking the bad teams though and we'll walk away with the Central.
  9. I have always been loyal to Callaway. First set of irons I bought were X-14s and have stayed with the brand since I started in 2000. I have owned Cleveland wedges, Hogan irons, and TaylorMade woods at different times throughout my playing days. I've tried out just about every brand at various times, but nothing beats a Callaway in my opinion.
  10. I'd like to try one. They kind of remind of the Cleveland Niblicks.
  11. GatorCallaway

    Which shaft brand and model should I get?

    I'm just a tinkerer man. I have always been of the do-it-yourself, figure out how to hit it stance. No offense to club fitters or those that swear by swing coaches and lessons. I just like the challenge of figuring out how to get that 1 iron to go straight or that driver to go right to left.
  12. GatorCallaway

    Which shaft brand and model should I get?

    You ever hit a wood with an extra stiff shaft? If not go try and get back with us. You wanna stiffen them shafts up a little and gain accuracy, cut them down a little bit. I would recommend tinkering with the clubs like I do before you go buy expensive shafts or even the wrong ones. These fitter on here will tell you different but my opinion is just food for thought.

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