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  1. #1) Nike VRPro Blades 3I-PW with Project X 6.0 shafts softstepped 1x with black/white NDMC grips +2 wraps. They are +1/2" and 3* upright and in immaculate condition. $455 SHIPPED!!!! #2,3,&4) Nike VRForged wedges 52.10, 56.14 and 60.10 black oxide wedges with ProjectX 6.5 shafts softstepped 2x with black/white NDMC grips +2 wraps. They are also +1/2" and 3* upright. The oxide has begun to rust as its designed to do but the wedges have been used a total of maybe 15 rounds ever. $150 for the se
  2. the 20xi and the one rzn are horrendous... this years tour level balls are a HUGE improvement over the 20xi and the one rzn... look at the rzn platinum (prov1 equivalent) or the rzn black (prov1x equivalent) the black feels a bit harder but the platinum is near perfection in a ball... spins plenty around the greens and flies well even into a headwind. only drawback is the price at 45$/dozen but a great ball in my opinion
  3. played 9 both yesterday and 9 more today... yesterday it looked as if id never picked up a club in my life... 2 pars, a couple bogeys and a littering of doubles and triples.... today on the other hand I lipped out a 3.5 footer on #1 then proceeded to par in for a 1 over par 37. 3042 yards (forward white tees) par 36 126 slope rating course literally opened for the year yesterday. Fairways: 3/7 GIR: 5/9 putts: 15
  4. launch monitor was the zelocity purelaunch like the one seen in this listing here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zelocity-PureLaunch-*********-Launch-Monitor-/261429769655?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash;=item3cde6db5b7 I cant speak to the accuracy in spin or clubhead speed, however for real world yardages It seemed to be spot on when on the course... 6 iron being 185 etc...
  5. ive been playing velocitys, prov1's or v1x's for the past few years. this year I purchased an entire new set of Nike clubs and have decided to give the new RZN Platinum and RZN Black balls a try. we shall see how this experiment goes over the next couple months!
  6. I own a set of 712MB's with the KBS Tour Stiff shafts and also have a set of the new Nike VRPro blades with ProjectX 6.0 shafts soft stepped 1x. Both sets are works of art. I love both sets and I wouldn't care which I played.
  7. I hadn't seen the reply to this thread previously. I'll be glad to answer any questions you have! I was fitted at northway8golf.com. launch monitor analysis with everything I did.
  8. 52.10, 56.14, AND 60.10 Nike VR Forged wedges. Black oxide finish. +1/2" 2* upright. ProjectX 6.5 shafts soft-stepped 2x also received new Nike VR-S Staff Bag today as well as 35" Nike Method 001 putter. All Nike in 2014. should be an amazing year.
  9. give the titleist 913Fd a try. very smooth feeling club with plenty of length. just picked up a 43" 15* 913Fd with the Diamana D+ whiteboard in Stiff and was putting them out there 280yds after rollout and carrying it 260+.
  10. 43" 913Fd 15* with a diamana whiteboard shaft, midsize NDMC blk/wht grip, and a bucket of range balls.
  11. the lower lofted club usually will drop launch angle as well as spin rates.
  12. to the OP... i was just fitted and ordered the exact setup you did... KBS tour stiff shafts with 4-pw 712MB's (+1/2" 3* upright) and gained yardage, workability and accuracy over the original AP1's i was gaming with DGR300HL shafts in them. after hitting the MB's on the range the past few weeks i can say now that im very much looking forward to this upcoming golf season more than any other of recent memory. i have nearly revamped my entire bag this winter changing every club but my 3wood, 52* wedge and scotty cameron putter ( however i purchased 2 other scotty camerons off ebay, i modde
  13. i can always butt trim the new one when it comes in if i feel its too long or throwing me off. my height is one reason i prefer the extended shafts (I'm 6'3")... with a 46" driver i can stand a bit more upright which is more comfortable on my back. the 45" im hunched over just ever so slightly more so every bit helps. i play a bomb and gouge style of golf anyways, as the rough here in upstate ny isnt all that penalizing and i tend to hit better than 50% of my fairways as it is. as far as trading in the 910, i was told id get 74$ as a trade in on it... im considering selling just the he
  14. ok so with my tax returns fast approaching, i decided i was going to kill some time on my day off and head to my local proshop and do an impromptu driver test on all the latest and greatest. i had no intentions of purchasing anything today, but i did end up ordering something new for the bag for 2013. heres a list of the clubs i hit today. 9.5* 910D2 46" Project x 7C3 set to A1 (current gamer) 9.5* 913D2 45" Aldila RIP Alpha set to C2 (8.75* loft, .75* more upright) 9.5* 913D3 45" Aldila RIP Phenom set to A1 9.5* RAZRFit Xtreme 45" Aldila Trinity Stiff flex 9.5* ANSER 45" Fuji
  15. ok so its 26* outside and snowing here near albany, ny. so whats on the agenda for my day off? going to the local indoor golf dome to hit 4 buckets of course. i just got home from the indoor range with the new clubs and all i can say is WOW. THESE. ARE. PERFECT. hitting the irons very flush and figuring out things with my swing that the old set of ap1's were masking. the SM4 wedge is a serious piece of equipment. it was routinely ripping the cover off of rock hard range balls. id have to stop every 15-20 shots to clean the ball cover bits out of the grooves. I cant wait to get some warm weath
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